Abraham 1

Bereshit (Genesis) High Lights : He saw the Light
Focus on Abraham and Lot

Acts 3; 19 Therefore, repent and turn to God, so that your sins may be erased; 20 so that times of refreshing may come from the Lord’s presence; and he may send the Messiah appointed in advance for you, that is, Yeshua. 21 He has to remain in heaven until the appointed time comes for restoring everything, as God said long ago, when he spoke through the holy prophets. 22 For Moshe himself said, ‘ADONAI will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your brothers. You are to listen to everything he tells you. 23 Everyone who fails to listen to that prophet will be removed from the people and destroyed.’ 24 Indeed, all the prophets announced these days, starting with Sh’muel and continuing through all who followed. 25 You are the sons of the prophets; and you are included in the covenant which God made with your fathers when he said to Avraham, ‘By your seed will all the families of the earth be blessed.’ 26 So it is to you first that God has sent his servant whom he has raised up, so that he might bless you by turning each one of you from your evil ways.”


–I love the Torah of the Lord because it is alive, it is full and its messages echo from ancient days into the turmoil all around us today. These texts tell the life story of people, real, flawed, human. There are no attempts to “pretty up” any of the accounts of the lives of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, for here in the flesh and bone realities we relate these words with our own existences and find connection. Today we consider a relationship between kinsmen, that of Avraham avinu (father Abraham) and Lot. The last High Light in the blog (Stand and Walk) went through the command of the Most High to Abraham to “Lech Lecha”, go forth for himself, on his own accord, with intention to spread the Good News of the Lord to the known world. He took with him all that was “his”, all that which God had blessed him with: his possessions, his wife, his disciples, and the son of his brother Nahor…Lot. It was in Haran that the relationship was birthed and the fact that the Torah texts says “Lot went with him”, means more than the idea that Lot just didn’t have anywhere else to go. The text shows us that among the disciples or “souls” that had been “born” in Abraham’s “house”, who had heard the Good News and embraced the monotheistic message of the One True God Who offered an avenue for repentance and eternal life with Him, among these disciples was Lot. Lot not only shared the same blood which flowed through Abraham’s veins but he shared in his passion. He learned at the feet of Abraham and was taken in by him, he sought to be like his teacher and we will see this more in the text. When Abraham was asked by the Lord to uproot himself and go forth from all that he had ever known, Lot went WITH him in support.

Genesis 12;4 So Abram went as HASHEM had spoken to him, and Lot went with him; Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Haran. 5 Abram took his wife Sarai and Lot, his brother’s son, and all their wealth that they had amassed, and the souls they had made in Haran; and they left to go to the land of Canaan, and they came to the land of Canaan.


–The Torah texts go on to account all the trials of Abraham from leaving Haran to the Akeidah- binding of Isaac. There are ten trials, ten being the number of testing. You will find it all through scripture and it will often be related to tribulation and struggle. The first test of Avraham is to answer in faith the call of the Lord for him to take up his mission in the land of Canaan. The very next thing that happens is famine in the land, the second test. Abraham and Sarai go down to Egypt and Pharaoh takes Sarai into his house to become a wife for him, trial three. When we read we have to understand that Lot is still faithfully by Abram’s side. When we realize that when they leave Egypt there is no indication the famine has ended we can consider that Lot didn’t have to continue on with Abraham, but he does. We know that God is blessing Abraham through these trials, even though there is great distress over the abduction of Sarah, he leaves Egypt with great wealth, this foreshadows of the Children of Israel, who years later are called from Egypt as a bride and they “empty” it (Exodus 12;35 …they requested from the Egyptians silver vessels, gold vessels, and garments. 36 HASHEM gave the people favor in the eyes of the Egyptians and they granted their request-so they emptied Egypt.), with gold and all they will need to make a house where She (Israel) and God can connect and “dwell” together. (Exodus 25;8 They shall make a Sanctuary for Me- so that I may dwell among them-9 like everything that I show you, the form of the Tabernacle and the form of all its vessels; and so shall you do.) Perhaps Lot was following Abraham with his heart, perhaps with his head (knowing he too would be blessed in connection with Abraham and his relationship with God), either way they leave Egypt together. What Abraham took up was gold and possessions, what attached itself to Lot was a glimpse of sin in an extremely idolatrous land for after this stay things change in the relationship.

Genesis 12;10 There was a famine in the land, and Abram descended to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land.
14 But it occurred, with Abram’s coming to Egypt, the Egyptians saw that the woman (Sarai) was very beautiful. 15 When the officials of Pharaoh saw her they lauded her for Pharaoh, and the woman was taken to Pharaoh’s house. 16 And he treated Abram well for her sake, and he acquired sheep, cattle, donkeys, slaves and maidservants, female donkey’s and camels. 18 Pharaoh summoned Abram and said, “What is this you have done to me? 19 Why did you say, ‘She is my sister,’ so that I would take her as my wife? Now, here is your wife; take her and go!” 20 So Pharaoh gave men orders concerning him, and they escorted him and his wife and all that was his.

–Abraham has focus, he has a center and moral compass which leads him back to basics, back to the point of origin, back to the place of revelation. Coming up from a place of trial and exposure to idolatry he returns to the place where God had appeared to him on the outset of his journey to reconnect and call out for help and guidance.

Genesis 13;1 So Abram went up from Egypt, he went with his wife and all that was his- and Lot went with him- to the south. 2 Now Abram was very laden with livestock , silver and gold. 3 He proceeded on his journeys from the south to Beth-el to the place where his tent had been at first, between Beth-el and Ai, 4 to the site of the altar which he had erected there at first; and there Abram invoked the HASHEM by Name.

Psalm 121;1 I raise my eyes to the mountains; whence will come me help? 2 My help is from HASHEM, Maker of heaven and earth. 3 He will not allow your foot to falter; your Guardian will not slumber. 4 Behold, He neither slumbers nor sleeps, the Guardian of Israel. 5 HASHEM is your Guardian; HASHEM is your protective Shade at your right hand. 6 By day the sun will not harm you, nor the moon by night. 7 HASHEM will protect you from every evil; HE will guard your soul. 8 HASHEM will guard your departure and your arrival from this time and forever.


–The simple reading of the following text leads us to picture Abraham and Lot with such an abundance of livestock that they are crowded in and there is not enough food for grazing. All this time they have been able to live together and as the blessings i.e. wealth has been exponential, problems have cropped up. How often to do we see this in our day, relatively content and happy family struggling through…wins the lottery and the wealth causes the family to divide. Inheritance for a lost family member (God forbid) tears siblings grappling for more “share” apart in bitterness. Rivalry, jealousy, discontentment. What happened between Abraham and Lot which causes them to part ways? The text says does state that in connection to the abundant wealth the land could not support them, but also they were not able Yakol (yaw-kole)- to be able, literally or MORALLY…to live together. As we read we will uncover the fact that Lot was drawn to sin, he moves his household to sins door and tarries even upon leaving it as the smell of sulfur is already in the air. What was the problem? We see Abraham consistently ministering to all peoples, many from a life of idolatry…but to have this big of a problem with Lot there must of have been something he saw as futile, as far as his attempts to change his nephew and his compulsion to be near sin. Surely he taught and molded him, surely he tried to lead him in the ways of HASHEM but there was a threat to Abraham’s household now, a threat which would compromise the morality and sanctity (holiness) of the space he was working to create for the King to dwell with them and this threat had to be removed. Even as the herds men quarrel Riyb (reeb)- chiding; contending; controversy; strife; adversary; a CONTEST; this is an expression of the relationship between the masters…the strife between kinsmen is manifest of the strife between their herds men. More proof the Torah gives us is the statement of the sinful nations who are dwelling there, right there, in the land among them….this tells us there is a bad example being set, some are able to rise above it and go on with integrity, others are attaching themselves to it and allowing it to “rub off” on them…this is why the relationship between Abraham and Lot has become so strained.

Genesis 13;5 Also Lot who went with Abram had flocks, cattle, and tents. 6 And the land could not support them dwelling together for their possessions were abundant and they were unable (yakol) to dwell together. 7 And there was quarreling (riyb) between the herdsmen of Abram’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock- and the Canaanite and the Perizzite were then dwelling in the land.

Jeremiah 10;2 Thus said HASHEM: Do not learn from the way of the nations; do not be frightened by the signs of the heavens, though the nations are frightened by them. 3 For the practices of the nations are foolish; [for one takes] wood that he cut down from the forest, fashioned by an artisan with an adze, 4 embellishes it with silver and gold, fastens it with nails and with hammers so that it does not come apart. 5 They are like a sculpted palm tree- they do not speak; they are carried about for they can not walk. Do not fear them; for they can do no harm, nor can they do good. 6 There is none like You, O HASHEM! You are great and Your Name is great in might.

Abram and Lot Separate Genesis 13:8-10

–Abraham shows humility and grace as he approaches Lot, surely having love for him and not wanting to cause him pain…he is not aggressive although there is certainly a sense of necessity here. He allows Lot to choose his path and knows that whichever direction he takes from this point, they will not be together in the same way any more. As soon as this separation occurs God speaks to Abraham to encourage him that all the land has been promised to him, this lift occurs right before another huge challenge and trial…the war with the kings. This text always reminds me of Jacob and Laban who part finally ways after many long years of trial and strife. When Jacob takes the steps to separate himself from the sinful household and unjust rule of the deceptive and arrogant Laban (sin= separation from the commands of God, departure from the Torah), after this separation the angels of the Lord encounter him, perhaps to strengthen him for his next and perhaps biggest challenge…facing his fears, meeting head on that which he had run from for so long: his past (Esau). It can be difficult to separate from our past, from people we are bound to…but if these lives cause us to stumble in our walk with God or run contrary to His evident will as expressed by His word it is crucial that we make these separations. Even in living Kadosh (holy-set apart) in our own households to be examples there in when we can not physically remove ourselves, will be the steps that allow God to come to us there and prepare us for what is ahead. He never leaves us unattended to or unarmed.

Genesis 13;8 So Abram said to Lot: “Please let there be no strife between me and you, and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen, for we are kinsmen. 9 Is not all the land before you? Please separate from me: If you go left then I will go right, and if you go right then I will go left.”

Genesis 32;51 And Laban said to Jacob, “Here is this mound, and here is this monument which I have cast between me and you. 52 This mound shall be witness and this monument shall be witness that I may not cross over to you past the mound, nor may you cross over to me past this mound and monument for evil. 53 May the God of Abraham and the god of Nahor judge between us- the god of their father.” And Jacob swore by the Dread of his father Isaac. 54 Then Jacob slaughtered for a feast on the mountain and summoned his kinsmen to break bread; and they broke bread and spent the night on the mountain.
32;2 Jacob went on his way, and angels of God encountered him.


—Like the very garden of the Lord is the land that Lot gazes upon, he see’s the very best and without restraint or humility he chooses the prime Jordan expanses. Throughout scripture when you read about the city life verse the field…it can be a metaphor for the secretive, built up by human hands, often corrupted and hectic self glorified dwelling versus the open, uncovered and temporary existence with complete reliance upon the Lord. Lot chooses the Jordan land yet he visits and rests in the cities (plural) of the plains. He calls these cities home and eventually ends up in Sodom, a place so wicked God has it in His site for destruction. The text itself says it is a place which is wicked and sinful…exceedingly. Why would Lot come here? Why would he “move in” here? He has a family now, why would he consider this be an acceptable place for him to raise them? These questions can give us clues as to the nature of Lot, his preferences and how far he has strayed from his origins, his moral center and his teacher Abraham’s example.

Genesis 13;10 So Lot raised his eyes and saw the entire plain of the Jordan that it was well watered everywhere- before HASHEM destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah- like the garden of HASHEM, like the land of Egypt, going toward Zoar. 11So Lot chose for himself the whole plain of the Jordan, and Lot journeyed from the east; thus they parted, one from his brother. 12 Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan while Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent as far as Sodom. 13 Now the people of Sodom were wicked and sinful toward HASHEM, exceedingly.

Ezekiel 38;20 They will quake before Me- the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beast of the field, every creeping thing that creeps on the ground and every human being that is on the face of the earth; the mountains will be broken apart and the cliffs will topple, and every fall will topple to the ground.

Psalm 73;25 Whom [else] do I have in heaven? And when I am with You I do not desire [anything] on earth. 26 My flesh and my heart yearn- God is the Rock of my heart and my portion forever. 27 For behold, those removed from You shall perish, You cut down all who stray from You. 28 But as for me, God’s nearness is my good; I have placed my trust in the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM, to recount all of Your works.

Genesis 14;8 And the king of Sodom went forth with the king of Gomorrah, the king of Admah, the king of Zeboiim and the king of Bela, which is Zoar, and engaged them in battle in the Valley of Siddim: 8 with Chedorlaomer, king of Elam; Tidal, king of Goiim; Amraphel, king of Shinar; and Arioch, king of Ellasar- four kings against five.


–Abraham rests aloof as he is in the vicinity of these warring kings, little does he know he will soon be drawn into the conflict. An escapee of the battles flees and heads straight to Abraham with the news of the capture of Lot. Having placed himself so close to the flame Lot has fallen into the fire and now his life is at stake. Abraham wastes no time. He assembles his army of faithful disciples and he does so quickly without hesitation. He intelligently plans the stealth attack and pursuit. Why? Morally, it is right to help those in need and despair…those helpless and in distress. Emotionally, it is normal to feel bound to family member and to desire to help them in times of trial. Abraham is upright in numerous ways and is doing the right thing, but there is more to it than this alone. He puts his life and the lives of the 318 men with him to save a man he had parted ways with intentionally…because he sees something in Lot. Abraham saw in Lot potential and that is why he kept him close for so long, ministering to him, teaching him, protecting him and sharing of all the blessings even a choice parcel of the covenant land. Potential, but more so than this…God tells us Abraham is a prophet (Genesis 20;7…return the man’s wife for he is a prophet…) so what he’s sees in Lot is perhaps not the great potential being reached in his own generation but perhaps far into the future, he knows something good will come from Lot…so he comes to his rescue. The thought that Abraham might have seen kingship and the line of David is exciting, the idea that he might have seen the Messiah Yeshua makes it all the more clear why he got up quickly, and with force and faith and came to the aide of Lot. Lot HAS to exist, for his existence is vital to the coming of the Messiah. What might we as friends, community or family members be overlooking in our brethren? God sees great potential in all of us and it is the right thing to do to follow the example of Avraham avinu, assuming greatness and strive to encourage, nurture, protect and preserve this potential in everyone. Who knows what the future might hold for any one person, it is our duty to at least put forth our best effort to bring them back!

Genesis 14;13 Then there came a fugitive and told Abram, the Ivri, who dwelt in the plains of Mamre, the Amorite, the brother of Eshcol and the brother of Aner, these being Abrams allies. 14 And when Abram heard that his kinsman was taken captive, he armed his disciples who had been born in his house- three hundred and eighteen- and he pursued them as far as Dan. 15 And he with his servants deployed against them at night and struck them; he pursued them as far as Hobah which is to the north of Damascus. 16 He brought back all the possessions; he also brought back his kinsmen, Lot, with his possessions, as well as the women and the people.

Psalm 71;14 As for me I will always hope, and I will yet add to Your praise. 15 My mouth shall recount Your righteousness, all day long Your salvation, though I know not their numbers, 16 I shall come with the mighty deeds of the Lord, HASHEM/ ELOHIM, I will mention Your righteousness, Your alone. 17 O God, You have taught me from my youth, and until this moment I declare Your wonders. 18 And even until old age and hoariness, O God, forsake me not; until I proclaim Your strength to the generation, Your might to all who have not yet come. 19 And Your righteousness, O God, is unto the high heavens; You, Who have done great things, O God, who is like You? 20 You, Who have shown me many grievous troubles; revive me again.

vayiera 1

–Lot has returned, after his liberation and restoration by the miraculous victory of an aged Abraham and small army over the armies of five kings, to Sodom…the connection which caused this danger and threat in the first place. We can see that even though Lot has become bound to the people and wickedness of Sodom (he calls the men his brothers 19;7) he still strives to use the lessons and attributes he learned from Abraham. They are still a part of each other in very real ways. The impression Abraham made on Lot has endured even in this sinful place. Note the similarities in the greeting, hospitality and service:

Genesis 18;2 He lifted his eyes and saw: and behold! three men were standing over him. He perceived, so he ran toward them from the entrance of the tent, and bowed toward the ground. 3 And he said, “My Lord, if I found favor in Your eyes, please pass not away from Your servant.” 4 Let some water be brought and wash your feet, and recline beneath the tree.
6 So Abraham hastened to the tent to Sarah and said, “Hurry! Three se’ahs of meal, fine flour! Knead and make cakes!” 7 Then Abraham ran to the cattle, took a calf tender and good, and gave it to the youth to prepare it. 8 He took cream and milk and the calf which he had prepared, and placed these before them…

Genesis 19;1 The two angels came to Sodom in the evening and Lot was sitting at the gate of Sodom; now Lot saw and stood up to meet them and he bowed, face to the ground. 2 And he said, “Behold now, my lords; turn about, please, to your servant’s house; spend the night and wash your feet, then wake up early and go your way!”
3 And he urged them very much, so they turned toward him and came to his house; he made a feast for them and baked matzos, and they ate.


–It is HASHEM’s mercy on Lot which allows for his “escape”. He lingers in the wicked, sinful city walls until the angels of the Lord literally take him by the hand and drag him from the place, in HASHEM’s mercy on him. The judgment is set and destruction eminent. There is no reason to look back and they are all in fact warned against this very thing. Don’t look back at the sin, the city, the cauldron of beings from young to old who have departed completely from the moral, honest, charitable and loving guide of the Lord mocking him in their disobedience they have chosen death. The example Lot set in his home has infected the intention and allegiance of his own wife, she peers behind him for one last look at what she couldn’t just break away from and leave behind. Lot himself has been humbled, once proud self-righteously standing beside Abraham gazing over his vast and abundant choice of the Jordan plains…now frightened and anxious he pleads with God to allow him a small place, in a small city…and God agrees to give grace to him in that place.

Genesis 19;15 And just as dawn was breaking, the angels urged Lot on saying; “Get up- take your wife and your two daughters who are present, lest you be swept away because of the sin of the city!” 16 Still he lingered- so the men grasped him by his hand, his wife’s hand, and the hand of his two daughters in HASHEM’s mercy on him; and they took him out and left him outside the city. 17 And it was as they took them out that one said: “Flee for your life! Do not look behind you nor stop anywhere in all the plain; flee to the mountain lest you be swept away.” 18 Lot said to them: “Please, no! My Lord- 19 See now, Your servant has found grace in Your eyes and Your kindness was great which You did whit me to save my life; but I cannot escape to the mountain lest the evil attach itself to me and I die. 20 Behold, please, this city is near enough to escape there and it is small; I shall flee there. Is it not small?- and I will live. 21 And He replied to him: “Behold, I have granted you consideration even regarding this, that I not overturn the city about which you have spoken. ”


–It was Abraham who stood before God and humbly executed a sort of dance with words as intercession for the wicked Sodom, not alone for the innocent, who weren’t to be found…for Lot and his family. (Gen. 18;12- 33) Their number being less than ten, the punishment was enacted. After these things Abraham looks out at the place, once green and flourishing…now pungent with the odor of sulfur, still warm and smoking from judgment. Verse 29 clearly relates to us the exact and explicit reason why God sent Lot from amid the upheaval and delivered him: God remembered Abraham. Abraham and Lot are bound, Lot is crucial because of whom his descendants will be…but it is always in connection with the relationship God has with Abraham. Namely, the promise, the covenant…the reason Yeshua would be sent on his first coming, to gather the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Matthew 15;24)

Genesis 19;24 Now HASHEM had caused sulfur and fire to rain upon Sodom and Gomorrah, from HASHEM, out of heaven. 25 He overturned these cities and the entire plain, with all the inhabitants of the cities and the vegetation of the soil. 26 His wife peered behind him and she became a pillar of salt. 27 Abraham arose early in the morning to the place where he had stood before HASHEM.
29 And so it was when God destroyed the cities of the plain that God remembered Abraham; so He sent Lot from amidst the upheaval when He overturned the cities in which Lot had lived.

vayiera 3

–Lot’s daughters are described in the commentaries as modest, righteous women whose actions were nobly motivated. Thinking the rest of the world had been destroyed in the upheaval of Sodom (and that Zoar had been spared only while they were there) they felt it was their responsibility to save the human race by bearing children. Among their descendants would be Ruth, ancestress of David, and Naamah, queen of Solomon and mother of Rehoboam. Lot on the other hand had other motivations. He may have been intoxicated enough not to notice what had happened the first time, but the second? (Where is all this wine coming from anyway?) Yet again we learn a valuable lesson about the God we serve. He can use EVERY single one of us, all works in progress to make great things happen. We may not always understand His ways or the steps we have to go through on the path which He sets out before us, but rest assured…His intentions are always for the good.

Genesis 19;30 Now Lot went up from Zoar and settled in the mountain, his two daughters with him, for he was afraid to remain in Zoar; he dwelt in a cave, he with his two daughters. 31 The older one said to the younger, “Our father is old and there is no man in the land to marry us in the usual manner. 32 Come, let us ply our father with wine and lie with him that we may give life to offspring through our father.”
37 The older bore a son and she called his name Moab; he is the ancestor of Moab until this day. 38 And the younger one also bore a son and she called his name Ben-ammi; he is the ancestor of the children of Ammon until this day.

Ruth 4;13 And so, Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife; and he came to her. HASHEM let her conceive, and she bore a son. 14 And the women said to Naomi, “Blessed is HASHEM who has not left you without a redeemer today! May his name be famous in Israel. 15 He will become your life-restorer, to sustain your old age; for your daughter-in-law, who loves you, has borne him, and she is better to you than seven sons.” 16 Naomi took the child, and held it in her bosom, and she became his nurse. 17 The neighborhood women gave him a name, saying, “A son is born to Naomi.” They named him Obed; he was father of Jesse, the father of David.

Matthew 1;2 Avraham was the father of Yitz’chak…
5Boaz was the father of Oved (his mother was Rut), ‘Oved was the father of Yishai, 6 Yishai was the father of David the king. David was the father of Shlomo (his mother was the wife of Uriyah), 7 Shlomo was the father of Rechav’am, Rechav’am was the father of Aviyah…..
15 El’ichud was the father of El’azar, El’azar was the father of Mattan, Mattan was the father of Ya’akov,
16 Ya’acov was the father of Yosef the husband of Miryam, from whom was born the Yeshua who was called the Messiah.


–I think about this complex relationship, the vast contrast in personalities, the undeniable connection. Abraham was devoted to setting a good example, the picture he testified to of the Lord Most High. Messiah told us that he saw Yeshua and was glad….perhaps this is the desire and goal which allowed Abraham to endure and thrive despite all his trials. If he saw Mashiac in Lot its no wonder he tried so very hard to preserve the life of Lot in more ways than one. If Yeshua is in all of us, all of His, how can we strive to see this in each other and thus value each other more?

Colossians 1;27 To them God wanted to make known how great among the Gentiles is the glorious richness of this secret. And the secret is this: the Messiah is united with you people! In that rests your hope of glory! 28 We, for our part, proclaim him; we warn, confront and teach everyone in all wisdom; so that we may present everyone as having reached the goal, united with the Messiah. 29 It is from this that I toil, striving with all the energy that he stirs up in me mightily.

John 8;56 Avraham, your father, was glad that he would see my day; then he saw and was overjoyed.

Romans 4;17 For if, because of the offense of one man, death ruled through that one man; how much more will those receiving the overflowing grace, that is, the gift of being considered righteous rule in life through
the one man Yeshua the Messiah! 18 In other words, just as it was through one offense that all people came under condemnation, so also it is through one righteous act that all people come to be considered righteous. 19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man, many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the other man, many will be made righteous.


Lord you have charged us all to be servants. To live a life that brings light, honor and glory to Your great Name. To be witness and bear testimony that You are unchanging, eternal and true and that You alone are trustworthy and keep Your promises. In all our relationships, for all our wanderings I ask that You hide not Your face from us…that you cause us to love each other more to desire to teach and profess to everyone Your greatness and compassion. I ask, in the Name of Yeshua that You with a strong hand reach into our lives and restore our marriages, families, homes, communities and relationships within the body of believers and as we go out into the world to bear that light…the light of Messiah in each one of his people. Let us shine and be un-swayed, let us remember he is with us at every moment, nothing is hidden from him and we are never alone. Help us to get through all the trials we face for the good. Always for the glory of Your kingdom…already being constructed in our hearts at this very moment.
B’Shem Yeshua HaMashiac, Amein.

Baruch Attah ADONAI Eloheni Melech HaOlam, Blessed are You LORD my God King of the universe, You have blessed us with Your Torah of Truth, You have blessed us with the entire counsel of Your living word, You alone have planted among us life eternal. Blessed are You Lord my God.

Love the Torah


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