Each year we do reading and devotionals, spend time together as a family and in fellowship with friends and new guests. Every year there is more light brought into this season and much more to think about and attempt to comprehend. The following are the lights and images with insights gifted graciously from above…may they be for a blessing and in the name of a refuah shelemah for Lilly.


אוֹר Ohr- Light
The first time the root for the word light is found is in regard to the light which was called to by God at Creation…

מְנֹרָה Menorah-Lampstand…
Like that which was to shine within the Holy place of the House of Hashem… Like that which Yeshua told us to place our light upon… it is bound to the word…. 
נִיר – Niyr
to make shine, to break up (as in the ground of a field)
This word is found in this way in only two places in the bible…
Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 4;3
For thus saith the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, Break up נִיר your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns.
Hosea 10:12
Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up נִירוּ your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

Not only in the very word for Menorah do we hear the word ohr- light! Within the lampstand we also learn that by this light we are to go forth and sow, ourselves and righteousness and in a way that is not remote…not blase’… in a manner that will break up the fallow ground.

When I look at my little girls’ fingers grasping these candles, when I catch the glint of gold shining from her hair as it reflects the glow of the ner… when I see her stop for a moment and bask in the warmth… a moment of peace when the pulse rate slows or perhaps quickens, when I realize that every act is a seed planted if it is poured out upon by the light which Yeshua instructed us not to hide… I know that like the roots of a growing plant make an impression in the ground, these experiences will make an impression on the thornless soil of my child’s life. A child whose name just happens to be ליאורה Liora, meaning- I have light. A name we chose to remind us… Yeshua, the Light lives inside of us, we have it, it is ours. Let it shine forth and not be hidden!!

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven…
Matthew 5; 14-16



Can you feel through the pain
focus in the rain
see straight
without sleep, at the cease
of a tireless dayCan you hope in the pits
flash floods, can you swim through it
breathe when the air is so thick
maintain spirit
when physically sick

Can you stop the serpents jaws
before they strike
with vital Laws
Can you roll away from the lions claws
as he violently scrapes
heaving forth a dusty billowing wall

I can see..
like I awoke from a dream

a dream that made it seem
like surviving was the realest thing
feeding my face, watering my clothes
garnishing my skull, husking my home…
peeling back the layers of the illusion
I can see…

love in my arms, caring caresses, light
all around me

What makes it real…
more than just words…
more than just things you’ve done before…
that You are here with me
showing me how to fight

sometimes I despise this tent,
it’s faluty.
It hurts…
sometimes I hate the me in me,
it’s haughty.
It causes hurt…
and just when the wondering
the wandering
gets old
You teach me to remember
how to keep love from growing cold.

I want to feel something this Channukah.
Something concieved from the womb of emotion but taken into a reality that lasts…that finally evokes a change in me.

Happy Light number 1


” I think it’s important not to stay in the shadow of any deed, good or bad.”

think about that

little tongue touched from above 
moving steadily from rung to rung
the depths of what was said…
may not be fully recognized
but in time
in marvelous
profundity of light


is there a day of your life
when a tear doesn’t sparkle from the corner
of your watchful eye
and you cry
that vanity might die,
because you are searching for the truth of why
you walk in obedience yet in sense comply
you weep for the pain in those who’ve forgotten to try
tears of compassion and earnest obligation
with these, Thy King, you glorify….
if only I
could read the unwritten chapters of your life
and heal any pain that has not been revived
but I know
that place isn’t mine…

so the nip of the cool in the shadow of what we do
if it’s good…
and we linger
is the inclination then to be boastful, to believe the untruth
that there is ever any deed worthwhile apart from You
completely magnified and even then staying in
the shadow of a good deed done
might cause us to pretend,
this is something I can cling to something of value
when treasure hunters know the only way to prove
the worth of any find, is only through emptying our hands
and pouring out everything to You

biting cold in the shadow of what has been done
if it’s bad…
and we linger with haste we come undone
for guilt & regret a serum swift to summon death
staying in the shadow of the past will rob us of all we have left
everything we hoped to build
all the steps we took
in the shadow of a bad deed
we die of thirst on the bank of a fresh brook

daughter, in the stillness of the light inside your eyes
you’ve blessed me with a teaching that was born
from the purity of your life
sacred mind
fill it with good things
with blessings
with delight
daughter, in this moment
I’ve stepped out of the shadows
into the Light…

“In the light we figure out where we really are, and where are going…”

thank you Kayalynn.
Happy Light number 3

one 1
if I were an artist
searching for a muse
seeking inspiration
I’d need only think of you
amid a deluge of tears 
torrents of artistry would prove
your lasting memory, briliantly shines through…
if I were a singer
standing on the stage
needing motivation
to set with voice, souls ablaze
I’d need only to think of you
the masterful way
you fashioned elevation out of every single day…

if I were a teacher
dreaming of what could be
if my words were strong enough
to empart blessing abundantly…
I’d need only think of you
to draw from the deepest wells
of how to believe in light from darkness
believe in the truth of the heartfelt

shining one
you are loved
so very missed
coveted seat up above
I feel you all around
and know you’re with me now
you are the warmth
the inspiration
hand in hand with the Savior…
I seek that elevation
searching for it in the light
searching for your memory, never very far behind
everthing I do
shining one
you are loved
every fiber of me is missing you

thinking about the men and women who were willing to die for the Torah of Hashem….
to fight for what was right, while hoping for miracles, working toward the future…
I worship Him for people like Judith and Mirjam who weren’t willing to go quietly into the darkened silence, who fought for life and then…did oh so much more than survive….

“…find something you’re willing to die for, and then live for it!”

Happy Light 4!

wet cement
taking in every impression left
for good, enduring hope
and unfortunate
angst, loathing, desperate… 
wet cement
which eventually holds
taking shape it molds…
images, words, blessings and curse
every smile every tear
laughter and fear
may the impact made be circumspect
when weighing the outcome of a lasting effect
too often our children are traipsed across
leaving bootprints upon their tender gloss
hastily smeared
readily dried
if the imprint is ugly
unsightliness is magnified…
the hope even with wet cement which solidifies….
is even if the stamp is painful
still blessed are the steps of those lives
who still walk on the path….
toes grazing memories from which we have learned
heels hoping over wrongs forgiven and turned
from something grotesque into a unique
work of art…
oh that I could repave every imprint on your heart….
yet look at the hope in the child’s eyes shining in the dark
it’s never too late
never to late
to begin a fresh start
how long does it take to turn your life around?
a moment! an instant!
there’s so much I’d like to take back
but I know I can’t
all we can do is beautify what is
and see the good in it…
growing from every impression
life has made

“our circumstances, when we see the light, make it as such…that there is no possibility of delusion, or confusion…when we see the light it’s unmistakably clear. And there’s no going back….”

Happy Light 5!

 Exile – a word I am acquainted with
No place among The Chosen
No place among The Grafted In
walking steadily and chipping away at bricks
packed tightly disguising my route to deliverance 
Sucking honey from the stone Who reminds me
I am not alone
In exile, daily battling the restless unknown
Choosing to revive the spirit chained inside
in exile it hides but has never taken flight
Spirit become my wings
to lift me above these walls
with Divine Words like catapults
cleanse me here of all my faults
For when freedom’s taste quenches my thirst
when You reveal my place
there I’ll sigh and fall amazed
into the missing part only I can play
In this story the Masterful Artist has written
I will trust You and await the revelation
of where You’ve destined me to fit in
whatever I do
wherever I go
however I fail
whatever triumphs I come to know
let me remember a stranger I am
unaccustomed to this tent
this life has many blessings left…
You woke me today
for some part to play
thank You Hashem

teach me to be light shining in the darkness of any exile I go into…for You are always with me.

Happy Light Number six!

One 7

Shalom Bayit-
a term in Hebrew that means
on the surface reading
peace in the home ……

there it was
I saw it
I know that it was there
now its gone
the chaos
woe is me- despair

I love you
then I loathe you
can the twain accord?

shalom bayit
I seek you
when will you stay the course

I manufactured situations
where shalom could be felt
but manufactured symptoms
lead to manufactured health

when I threw up my hands
You stepped in with Yours
I found out what I had ignored

it cannot be situated
it cannot be imitated
it cannot even be simulated
as if it could be there and then its no more…

shalom bayit
by His Hand
is something that cannot be planned
it’s a glimpse of love and affection that’s real
a taste of a Feast we have yet to attend
true Shalom bayit is a completeness without end

I can chase it at a frenzied pace
I can dig for it until I’m left waste
I can mold and prod and imitate
but all that steps outside what He creates
when I fall into acceptance
and abide in His grace…

from here I can see
Shalom bayit
on their singular face
a place
where they are locked in embrace
with the One Who keeps that light from the shade
of the manufactured photo frame…

oh it’s real,
and once tasted
you can never go back
Hashem, my King… I will never go back.
Thank you for this precious taste.

happy light 7!

One 2
It is not the end of the story
for every end brings about the reason
for more searching
to grasp more truth
turning the pages 
wanting to find out
what happens in
the end

fingers gingerly grasping pages to turn
is the dedication we have for a lesson learned
the movement of the air each turn generates
is the breath of spirit in life we can anticipate
eyes translating and retaining words…
is our capability to recieve and bequeath
everything given
is a tender willing seed

the wax didn’t melt into pools which fade away
they were transformed into memories
perpetually perennial the blossom will remain
yes the petals of golden and amber light
that warmed up the darkness and cast out the fright…
will come again in cycles
and though state we’re in will change
come again to shew His truth
each spark of meaning propagates this story
this is surely not the end

a huge bouquet of perfect roses
is a sight to behold
but perhaps even more striking
would be a single blossom among banks of snow
sometimes revelation comes in torrents
sometimes we live in drought
but surely if we’re watching…
we will notice when it sprouts
this Feast of Dedication
was a blessing without doubt
today on Zot Channukah…
I reflect and now
He’s granted me the chance
to figure it out
the walk home…
from the perfect date
you can’t appreciate it
until afterwards
when you’re left
alone to

Happy Light 8 !


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