Why Work On a House You Can Never Complete?    3-11-15 By: Celeste Fiddes


page 1


A Father called upon His sons.
A loving and a faithful one.
Both were very dear to Him and so
He made up a plan and then He showed
them a house where they all could live.
It was the picture and plan and the best He could give.

page 2

This house was grand and spectacular,
it would last through the ages and forevermore.
This plan was precise and it was easy to read,
the hard work it would take was clear to perceive.
The sons listened as their Father explained,
both heard the same words
both listened in their own distinct ways.

page 3

Equally the Father provided and placed
all the materials that the sons would need to make
the magnificent dwelling in communion
a means to the end which would become their union.

page 4

Loving and Faithful had the plan,
heard the Father explain,
understood the command.
They had the materials that would be needed to build,
but the Father better enabled them even still:
He gave them the tools that would be required
to prepare, bring together, and produce all He desired.
Tools that would connect the ingredients
and fashion this House for realization of relationship.

page 5

And so the Father went to a distant place,

never leaving all-together but giving His sons some time and some space. 

The two sons stood with the tools in hand, materials all around them, with a clear and beautiful plan. 

They both decided what they were going to do,
each filled with belief in their Father and both desiring to prove..
their Honor for Him in their own ways and so
they began their work realizing they’d both
been given the chance to learn and grow.

page 6

They got right to work using what they had been given
and they both kept their hearts fixed
with much Spirit within them
until the day came a choice was to be made…
stick to the plan and the vision of the Father
keep realizing His dream even as
the task became much harder…
or make a personalized decision
and do what the heart felt was right
relying on the intention as the will grew thin.
page 7
Both sons laid a good foundation,
both used the tools and worked and made
a structure and a simple frame…
one for the House
one for a display.
page 8
Loving sat with his tools set aside.
He gazed up with adoration at his sparking shrine.
Neat, complete, with his heart convinced…
he thought

“Surely this is what my Father had truly meant…”
“..for it would be an impossible task to prepare such a place as proposed in His plan…”
“there is no way it could be accomplished by a flawed and fleshly man…”
“To pay homage to His picture and to the goal…that is what my Father meant in those materials and tools.”

Faithful just kept working on diligently,
with each nail a hope, in each plank a memory..
of His father and all the light in His face…
as He showed them the plans for the House He desired them to make.

page 9
On the day the Father came near,
Faithful humbly sighed as it became clear…
he hadn’t finished the House of His Father so dear.
He had worked to the last with all of his heart,
but as His Father drew close
he had no words to impart.
Only the walls he had assembled with his bare hands, and the floor he had laid while meditating on His Fathers command.

Loving stood up and motioned to his frame…
“Father, I pray that You can see the great homage in love I have displayed
in making Your dream and goal the very thing worth honoring!”
“I have beautified it and lifted it up!
I have stayed near it and gazed upon it with love!
I am certain that my intentions were more than enough.”

page 10
Loving and Faithful,
my two dear sons.
You are both part of Me and I love each one.
The House that I asked you to build…
was an avenue to uncover which
of you was was willing to yield..
to surrender up your own designs, overcome hardship, weather perceived defeat…
and conquer pride.

you have a secure place in my plan,
a Father is always touched by sentiment.
But where my dear son will we meet and connect? Where will our souls find refuge and intersect?
You distanced the tools I gave you to try
to put the substance together
and prepare a place where we could reside.

I never gave you the picture and plan…
with the notion you could perform it all perfectly,
do it all with your two hands.
I wanted to see how hard you would try…
to make My dream a reality
no matter how your will strove to redefine…
to alter my House and subvert my Design.

Faithful when I look at you, I see you still clutch the picture and are holding tightly the tools.
And now I will reveal what I always intended to do…

page 11
To build together and I want to work WITH you.
The House is not for man to build alone.
We can not abandon the plan,
or rely on our intention to secure us a throne.
Loving the Lord is an essential thing,
but our faithfulness proves what that
love really means.
Holding tightly the tools we have been equipped with,
working hard for all our lives though we will
This is why I Love His righteous Law.
Each measure, board, and nail…reveals more about the Father’s desired outcome.
To me this is the essence of why we do anything. Be it Sabbath or Tzit zit or Festival and Feast. The desire to connect with the Father, and make a ‘place’ where we can meet. He has defined it and written up His plan, making application is the honor and pleasure of the Spirit filled man. I pray as in all, this does You the honor and praise…that You intended when You blessed me with this little spark…regardless of any effect it might make.

I am a servant of the Most High God Maker of Heaven and Earth. Whose Torah is Truth and Whose Judgments are Altogether Righteous. There is no Darkness in Him at All. None at all.

Be blessed!

Malachi 4; 4 “Remember the law of Moses My servant, statutes and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel.”
contact: safeguardingtheeternal@aol.com
Dedicated to all my brothers and sisters for a future time. I can see it and can not wait for it to arrive!

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