To whom it may concern:

It has been placed upon my heart to ensure that it be made clear, I use many many resources. I glean from so many precious and loved teachers who have become a regular part of my life and that of my family. They are in our heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving and we always pray for their protection and blessings and encouragement.


Some people ask, “Where did you get that?” or other such questions and the thing of it is…each and every bit gleaned becomes a part of you. So I could list all the brilliant people who have talked with me and all the names of all the teachers and specific lessons and all their names…but that would include all my friends, family, members of bible studies, Pastors, online teachers and it would be too extensive.

I love to write I always have, people who have known me from a child know of my passion for writing and poetry and art, dance and song. Everything aside from the facts, news, scriptures and sacred texts may be so called “my thoughts and my words and my expressions” but in my perspective it all comes from God and none of it is really mine. He blesses me with the time, the energy, the dedication, the heart and inspiration… He leads me and it is His divine word. Freely given for all to have and use and apply…so in short, I don’t want any credit…feel free to use all the material found on this blog without the necessity of giving “me” any credits or references. Be blessed!!


I used to write these out at the end of every post but I figure this should cover it as far as resources and things of interest and as I learn and uncover more I will update this post:













































I use the NASB mostly for the Apostolic Scriptures and enjoy using The Stone Edition Tanakh, Chumash and the Targum Onkelos, I also have begun reading the Stone Edition Chumash with Rambam commentary complete; I use the JPS Tanakh as well. I used to use the Complete Jewish bible often and still enjoy it but do not find its translations very accurate to the ancient languages. I also like to use the book of Jasher to fill in some information as a side line of thinking.


  • Update 5777: I would like to give a little more specific accreditation. I take every spare minute I have to learn. I listen to and read the free resources online along with other paid subscriptions we have invested in. We have been blessed to be able to obtain some wonderful books and sources. I am attempting to learn Hebrew with said resources and teach a beginning class in the area we live. When time and money allow, I pray to further my studies. With each minute to spare, aside from the many other activities I am involved in, I pray and thoughtfully put together these lessons and entries. I take pieces from my learning wherever I find them and put them together as the Spirit prompts, like a puzzle. When I do ‘copy, paste’ I attempt as much as possible to note it. I often take detailed notes and arrange everything with scripture and thoughts with ‘commentary’ inside.  My own ‘original’ thoughts and writing consists of an estimated 30% of the educational content herein. I am not a scholar, I have no credentials, I am not special or unique in the vast sea of knowledge out there. I am a person who at one point decided to take my every spare moment up as an offering Hashem to ignite whomever it would bless. In short this site is an easier way to access a magnificent wealth of knowledge in one sitting. The poetry, political and testimonial entries on this blog are 100% original content, but as stated above I desire not any credit for any of the content of this blog and ‘permit’ anyone to use it as you see fit.
  • Specifically: Foremost and central to my studies I turn to Tim Hegg with TorahResource.com; Recently (the past 1.5 years) Rabbi Ari Kahn has been a most brilliant inspiration for the 5777 lesson content; Rabbi David Fohrman of AlephBeta.com is content I look at weekly; I also listen to Bill Bloud of Shoreshim Ministires (Billcloud.og) regularly; I read Rabbi Greenbaum of Azamra.com weekly; I love Rav Dror of emunahchannel.com for spiritual growth and personal strengthening; I also regularly listen to the shiurim of Netiv.net. I adore Rabbi Shlomo Katz of shlomokatz.com, much of the content of his shiurim come from Rabbi Carlebach’s treasure- I get much of my inspiration from his lessons. Weekly I listen to Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple institute.org online. Rabbi Gordon, may his memory be blessed, of Chabad.org is a staple for his in depth weekly parashiot. Chabad’s resources for the Tanakh in depth are wonderful. I love my Samson Raphael Hirsch Pentateuch and read it every Shabbat. There are so many more, and as stated above I also glean from the many wonderful people Hashem has blessed me to study with in person. May each one of you be blessed and protected. May your journey and experience be rich, meaningful and may every source lead you to closeness with Hashem. B’shem Yeshua Hamashiac.

As always feel free to contact me: Safeguardingtheeternal@aol.com


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