Parashah Devarim: Strength of the Right Hand; Conquering Giants

Song of Songs 2;10 When He removed me from Egypt, my Beloved called out and said to me, “Arise, My love, My fair one, and go forth. 11 For the winter of bondage has passed, the deluge of suffering is over and gone. 12 The righteous blossoms are seen in the land, the time of your song has arrived, and the voice of your guide is heard in the land. 13 The fig tree has formed its first small figs, ready for ascent to the Temple; the vines are in blossom, their fragrance declaring they are ready for libation. Arise, My beloved, My fair one, and go forth.!” 14 At the sea, He said to my, “O My dove, trapped at the sea as if in the clefts pf the rock, the concealment of the terrace. Show Me your prayerful gaze, let Me hear your supplicating voice, for your voice is sweet and your countenance comely.” 15 Then He told the sea, “Seize the Egyptian fox, even the small foxes who spoiled Israel’s vineyards while our vineyards had just begun to blossom.” 16 My Beloved is mine, He fills all my needs and I seek Him from none other. He grazes me in rose like bounty. 17 Until my sin blows His friendship away and sears me like the midday sun and His protection departs. My sin caused Him to turn away. I say to him, “My beloved, You became like a gazelle or like a young hart on the distant mountains.”

–We begin the last ‘book’ of the Lord’s Torah, Devarim- The Words. From the Greek deuteros-second, nomos-law, Deuteronomy is referred to by the sages as the Mishnah Torah, meaning the study, review or repetition of the Law (Instruction). The book of Devarim makes its presence over the course of only 37 short days. These are the final days of Moshe’s life and this is the ‘last will and testament’ so to speak, this is what he leaves behind for the generation that will enter the Land of promise. Like the Master Yeshua here we see the ‘deliverer’ and shepherd of Israel about to leave this life and his concern is for the Children of Israel, he wants to ensure they get his first person account (for Devarim is different from all the other books of Torah in that instead of the “And God spoke to Moses saying…” we read “Then I did….then we….”, etc.)
Devarim is Moshe’s sermon to the people. He begins with a history lesson, he wants to be sure the people know where they have come from, why they have been wandering for forty years and how to escape these same dangerous detours in the Land of Promise. He wants to be sure they have their firm foundation before they enter the Land, there they will take up their destiny of brining God’s program of morality and righteousness to the world and sanctify His Name on earth, therefore he reiterates to them the entire Torah as given by the Lord. Yeshua did the very same thing, he taught Torah to his children, his commandments and their heart and essence, while he was on the earth. Before he left, he ensured that his disciples would do the same, and so they did. The Master Yeshua and his talmidim (disciples) taught from the Scriptures. The Scriptures they used= The Tanach. This is the Torah= five books of Moses (Bereshit-in the beginning or Genesis; Shemos- these are the Names or Exodus; Vayikra- He called or Leviticus; Bamidbar- in the Wilderness or Numbers; Devarim- the Words or Deuteronomy/Nevi’im=The Prophets/ and Ketuvim=The Writings. Of all the books of the Torah the Master taught most from Devarim. Let us think upon our deliverer and shepherd Yeshua before we begin. On the road to Emmaus when he appeared, what scripture did he reveal? When he appeared in Jerusalem which scriptures did he illuminate? Before he ascends he says “Behold I am sending forth the promise of My Father…” This notion is so very powerful and I pray that our hearts and minds will be opened wide to the Scriptures as the Spirit reveals to us through these amazing texts what was so very important to our savior to point to! What does he point to right now?!


Luke 24; 13 And behold, two of them were going that very day to a village named Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem. 14 And they were walking with each other about all these things which had taken place. 15 While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself approached and began traveling with them. 16 But their eyes were prevented from recognizing him. …
25 And he said to them, “O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! 26 Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and to enter into his glory? 27 Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, he explained to them the things concerning himself in all the scriptures….
35 They began to relate their experiences on the road and how he was recognized by them in the breaking of the bread. 36 While they were telling these things, He Himself stood in their midst. …
44 Now He said to them, “These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all the things which are written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” 45 Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, 46 and he said to them, “thus it is written, that the Christ would suffer and rise again from the dead the third day, 47 and repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem. 48 You are witness of these things. 49 And behold, I am sending forth the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”….
53….and they were continually in the Temple praising God.

–The Greek word in John 12;44 for fulfilled is Pleroo (play-ro-o)= to make replete (to make active or full of life); to furnish or imbue; to satisfy or execute; to accomplish; to make full; to perfect; fully preach; to VERIFY. This ONE word is incredible when you realize what it means. This is exactly what Yeshua did in his first coming, he verified His Father’s promise and His word. He made the Torah and scriptures full of LIFE because he showed us the heart of their performance, not taking away removing or replacing a single thing from them [Matthew 5;17 “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law (Torah) or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill (PLEROO). 18 For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law (Torah) until all is accomplished.”]
Yeshua says, “These are the words…” some translations have “These are My words…” and this is the very place we pick up the final book of the Torah, the Devarim text says according to his Father in heaven’s commands Moshe EXPLAINS the Torah to his people, (the Hebrew word here Ba’ar= TO DIG; to declare; to explain; to MAKE PLAIN. Just as Yeshua did on the Road to Emmaus, just as He does to this very day to the willing heart, according to his timing, plan and purposes. Halleluyah!


Devarim 1;1 These are the words that Moses spoke to all Israel, on the other side of the Jordan concerning the Wilderness, concerning the Arabah, opposite the Sea of Reeds, between Paran and Tophel, and Laban and Hazeroth, and Di-zahab; 2 eleven days from Horeb, by way of Mount Seir to Kadesh-barnea. 3 It was in the fortieth year, in the eleventh month, on the first of the month, when Moses spoke to the Children of Israel according to everything that HASHEM commanded him to them, 4 after he had smitten Sihon king of the Amorite, who dwelt in Heshbon, and Og, king of Bashan, who dwelt in Ashtaroth, in Edrei, 5 on the other side of the Jordan in the land of Moab, Moses began explaining this Torah saying:
6 HASHEM, our God, spoke to us in Horeb, saying: Enough of your dwelling by this mountain. 7 Turn yourselves around and journey, and come to the Amorite mountain and all its neighbors, in the Arbah, on the mountain, and in the lowland, and in the south, and at the seacoast; the land of the Canaanite and the Lebanon, until the great river, the Euphrates River. 8 See! I have given the Land before you; come and possess the Land that HASHEM swore to your forefathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them and their children after them. 9 I said to you at that time, saying, “I cannot carry you alone. 10 HASHEM, your God, has multiplied you and behold! you are today like the stars of the heaven in abundance. 11 May HASHEM , the God of your forefathers, add to you a thousand times yourselves, and bless you as He has spoken of you.


-Here we are at Kadesh-Barnea, overlooking the Jordan and the Promised Land. The first thing Moshe points out is that the journey from Egypt to Canaan is an ELEVEN day journey, a trip which took them forty years. The next point is that these words are from the Lord, Moshe did all things according to the Word of the Lord and Devarim is no departure. He expresses right away that the people were and are living proof that God has already kept His promise to Avraham and will do the same for them. From one man, ONE man in a sea of idolatry and sin, coming from the household of an idol maker and seller…Avraham heard the voice of the truth and from his guts felt that that there was more to life. God revealed Himself to Avraham and he was willing to leave EVERYTHING he knew behind to find out what that ‘more’ was. He was willing to part with that which was most precious to him to show is trust and faith (Emunah- unbending, unbreachable, unchanging and steadfast FAITH) in the Lord was worth more to him than even his precious son. What are we willing to part with for the sake of truth? What would we do, where would we be willing to go with Him to discover the complete and unbreakable faith that grasping the eternal Promises and covenant of our Lord reveals? For the sake of His righteous promise to Israel (which we are able to be equal partners in), He gave His only most precious Son. What is it that we willing to receive of it? Just the parts that suit us, that fit into our schedules or pews? Just what we feel led to comprehend? Our own understanding and revelation of covenant, promise and truth? Or the Word and Work of our savior?


Genesis 22;15 The angel of HASHEM called to Abraham a second time from heaven. 16 And he said, “By Myself I swear- the word of HASHEM- that because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only one, 17 that I will surely bless you and greatly increase your offspring like the stars of the heavens and like the sand on the seashore; and your offspring shall inherit the gates of its enemy. 18 And all the nations of the earth shall bless themselves by your offspring, because you have listened to My voice.”

–Let us hear Lord!! We have the testimony of the Lamb, slain from the foundations of the earth. We have the verification of the One (Aleph/Tav, I AM) who conquered death and rose from the dead. We have the given word of the Most High God whose promises are eternal and the witness in the incredible blessings of Israel that in listening to His voice we can be a part of this promise. We have the evidence of the Voice of HASHEM penned by the hand of Moshe, a man who hears HIS VOICE clearly, the man whom God spoke to face to face as a friend. What more proof could we need? Proof of what? One God, One Torah, One people. Eternal.


Luke 16; 19 Now there was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor every day. 20 And a poor man named Lazarus was laid at his gate, covered with sores, 21 and longing to be fed with the crumbs which were falling from the rich man’s table; besides, even the dogs were coming and licking his sores. 22 Now the poor man died and was carried away by the angels to Abraham’s bosom; and the rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his bosom. 24 And he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.’ 25 But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember that during your life you received good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony. 26 And besides all this, between us and you there is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none of us may cross over from there to us.’ 27 And he said, ‘Then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father’s house- 28 for I have five brothers- in order that he may warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’ 29 But Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; LET THEM HEAR THEM.’ 30 But he said, ‘No, father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent!’ 31 But he said to him, ‘ IF THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO MOSES AND THE PROPHETS, THEY WILL NOT BE PERSUADED EVEN IF SOMEONE RISES FROM THE DEAD.'”

–We do not have to walk in darkness, we have been given the Trustworthy Testimony and Witness of the Scriptures, we have the Word of our Maker and Savior. Without a hunger for the word, without knowledge of scripture and in depth devotion, the Spirit works…but the work is not complete, to its potential in us. They go together and work in perfect union. We can not assume meaning without a knowledge of the languages, we can not transpose the direction of the text to suite our own understanding, our own message. When we do this it is dangerous ground on which we walk, putting ourselves in a modern mindset into the position of being editor to God. [Genesis 3;1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any wild animal which ADONAI, God, had mad. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You are not to eat from any tree in the garden?'”] The Isaiah text speaks of Yeshua who came to advise us how to live the life he intended for us, within the structure he set before Adam in the Garden and the Assembly at Sinai, it is manifest right in front of us today. It is his light that has been the guide for His own, and the mark by which we are able to judge in righteousness.


Isaiah 9;1 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelled in the land of the shadow of death, light has shone upon them. 2 You exalted the nation; You increased its joy. They rejoiced before you like the joy of harvest time, as they would exult when they divide spoils. 3 For the yoke of its burden and the staff on its shoulder, the rod that oppressed them, You smashed like the day of Midian. 4 For tumultuous battles are fought with an uproar, and the garments wallow in blood, but [Sennacherib] became a blaze and was consumed by fire. 5 For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us, and the dominion will rest on his shoulder; the Wondrous Adviser, Mighty God, Eternal Father, called his name Sar-shalom [Prince of Peace];6 upon the one with the greatness in dominion and the boundless peace that will prevail on the throne of David and on his kingdom, to establish it and sustain it through the justice and righteousness, from now to eternity. The zealousness of HASHEM, Master of Legions, will accomplish this!

Proverbs 6;20 Heed, my son, the command of your father, and do not forsake the teaching of your mother. 21 Tie them to your heart always; entwine them upon your neck. 22 As you go forth, it will guide you; as you recline, it will guard you; and when you awake, it will converse with you. 23 For a commandment is a lamp and the Torah is light; and reproving discipline is the way of life…..

Luke 8;12 Yeshua spoke to them again; “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.”

–Moshe recalls the appointment of Godly advisers, the Judges of Israel. Yitro lay’s out, through God’s blessing, the bar for which these men were chosen. This concept is nothing new. As we have established, the lessons of the ‘New’ are but from ‘Old’. [Ecclesiastes 1;9 Whatever has been is what will be, ans whatever has been done is what will be done. There is nothing new beneath the sun!] Do the standards of the writer of Titus for Godly leaders sound similar to Exodus? Deuteronomy? It its the same standard, Yeshua’s standard, the standard of Torah.


Devarim 1;12 How can I alone carry your contentiousness, your burdens, and your quarrels? 13 Provide for yourselves distinguished men, who are wise, understanding, and well known in your tribes, and I shall appoint them as your heads. 14 You answered me and said, “The thing that you have proposed to do is good.” 15 So I took the heads of your tribes, distinguished men, who were and well known, and I appointed them as heads over you, leaders of thousands, leaders of hundreds, leaders of fifties, and leaders of tens, and officers of your tribes. 16 I instructed your judges at that time, saying, “Listen among your brethren and judge righteously between a man and his brother or his litigant. 17 You shall not show favoritism in judgment, small and great alike shall you hear; you shall not tremble before any man, for the judgment is God’s; any matter that is too difficult for you, you shall bring to me and I shall hear it.” 18 I commanded you at that time all the things that you should do.

Exodus 18; 20 You shall caution them regarding the decrees and the teachings, and you shall make known to them the path in which they should go and the deeds that they should do. 21 And you shall discern from among the entire people, men of accomplishment, God-fearing people, men of truth, people who despise money, and you shall appoint them leaders of thousands, leaders of hundreds, leaders of fifties, and leaders of tens.

Titus 1;6 A leader must be blameless, husband to one wife, with believing children who do not have a reputation for being wild or rebellious. 7 For an overseer, as someone entrusted with God’s affairs, must be blameless- he must not be self-willed or quick-tempered, he must not drink excessively, get into fights or be greedy for dishonest gain. 8 On the contrary, he must be hospitable, devoted to good, sober-mindedness, uprightness, holiness and self-control. 9 He must hold firmly to the trustworthy Message that agrees with the doctrine; so that by his sound teaching he will be able to exhort and encourage, and also refute those who speak against it.


Job 19;25 But I know that my Redeemer lives, and that He will be the final one remaining upon the earth. 26 After my skin [was stricken] they pierced me with this [bombast], and I see [the judgment of] God from my flesh. 27 I see it for myself; my eyes have seen it, and not a stranger’s. My kidneys have been destroyed within me. 28 Perhaps you should say, ‘Why do we beleaguer him?’ What is the root of this matter within me? 29 You should fear the sword, for wrath against sin [brings] the sword, that you may know that there is punishment.

–Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace…our High Priest Yeshua, He will return to us as promised and when he does he comes with vengeance and the sword for a final battle to end all conflict. It is in this way, through ordeal and trial, through spiritual warfare and physical pain that we are enabled to be strengthened by our King. There is tribulation coming and no, it is not just for the “sinners”. No we will not just be whisked away and await, watching from afar the tumult of recompense upon the wicked world. Just think about it, anything you have ever fought for in your life, or any peace you have back and savored…was there not adversity on the ‘proving ground’ which proceeded that Shalom? There is darkness…that the light can break through it. How could light be magnified without that contrast? Our God is God of War, Master of Legions and it is Yeshua who commands these heavenly hosts. He fights for us daily, just as He did as He went before the Children of Israel in the battles they won. We must never forget to give credit where it is due. Not to mention be aware constantly that all we possess is given by Him. Victory, possessions, families, titles…all comes from Him.

Devarim 1;19 We journeyed from Horeb and we went through that entire great and awesome Wilderness that you saw, by the way of the Amorite mountain, as HASHEM, our God, commanded us, and we came until Kadesh-barnea. 20 Then I said to you, “You have come until the Amorite mountain that HASHEM, our God, gives us. 21 See- HASHEM, your God, has placed the Land before you; go up and possess, as HASHEM, God of your forefathers, has spoken to you, Do not fear and do not lose resolve. 22 All of you approached me and said, “Let us send men ahead of us and let them spy out the Land, and bring word back to us: the road on which we should ascend and the cities to which we should come.” 23 The idea was good in my eyes, so I took from you twelve men, one man for each tribe. 24 They turned and ascended the mountain and came until the Valley of Eshcol, and spied it out. 25 They took in their hands from the fruit of the Land and brought it down to us; they brought back the word to us and said, “Good is that Land that HASHEM, our God gives us!”

Isaiah 41; 8 But you, O Israel, My servant Jacob, you whom I have chosen, offspring of Abraham who loved Me- 9 you whom I shall grasp from the ends of the earth and shall summon from among all its noblemen, and whom I shall say, ‘You are my servant’- I have chosen you and not rejected you. 10 Fear not for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I have strengthened you, even helped you, and even sustained you with My righteous right hand. 11 Behold, all who became angry with you will be shamed and humiliated; those who fight you shall be like nothingness and shall perish. 12 The men who struggle with you, you shall seek them but not find them; the men who fight you, they shall be like nothingness and naught. 13 For I am HASHEM, your God, Who grasps your right hand, Who says to you, ‘Fear not, [for] I will help you!’


–The Lord will fight for us, He has been all along. It takes a lifetime for some to realize…He held me all the while I alone tormented myself, He turned not from me…it was only I who waged a war without His armor or charge, this is the whole root of failure in life (relationships, goals, bonds, challenges, etc.)Why is it that we can’t embrace the image of the Almighty as a warrior….for the greatest good, a world according to His design and His people taking up their mission and assuming His destiny for them…to bring Him into this world in honor and perpetuation. Living without questioning this eternal nature of the word of the Almighty, or biting into the bitter fruit of the deception from the ever outstretched hand of the adversary who wishes to strip you of the armor of the word made flesh, the living Torah as he asks…”Has God really asked you to keep His word? To keep His Moadim (appointed times)? To sanctify the Sabbath? To learn the language He spoke the world into being with? Surely you have some greater understanding of what the Lord now desires of you.” I submit, His word IS enduring and unchanging and relevant to all of us TODAY.

Habakkuk 3; 2 O HASHEM in the midst of the years, keep Your accomplishments alive; in the midst of the years make it known. In wrath remember to be merciful. 3 God came from the south; the Holy One from Mount Paran, Selah! 4 A glow was like the light [of day]; rays of light [came] from His hand to [Israel]; and there His hidden strength [was revealed]. 5 Before Him went a plague; pestilence went forth as He advanced. 6 He stood and measured out the land; He looked and dispersed nations. Everlasting mountains were smashed, eternal hills were laid low; for the way of the world are His. 7 Because of [our] iniquity I saw the tents of Cushan; the curtains of the land of Midian trembled. 8 Was HASHEM angry with the rivers; was Your wrath with the rivers, or Your fury against the Sea? Rather You rode upon Your horses, Your chariots were [our] salvation. 9 Your bow bared itself; the oaths to the tribes, an enduring word. You split open the earth with rivers. 10 Mountains saw and You shuddered; a stream of water flowed. The depth raised its voice, and the heights [of heaven] raised their hands. 11 The sun and the moon stood still in their abodes. [Israel] would travel by the light of Your arrows, by the lighting flash of Your spear. 12 In fury You trod the earth; in anger You trampled nations. 13 You went forth to save Your people, to save Your anointed one. You crushed the head of the house of the wicked, laying bare from foundation to the neck, Selah!

Devarim 1;26 But you did not wish to ascend, and you rebelled against the word of HASHEM, your God. 27 You slandered in your tents and said, “Because of HASHEM’s hatred for us did HE take us out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorite to destroy us. 28 To where shall we ascend? Our brothers have melted our hearts, saying, ‘A people greater and taller than we, cities great and fortified to the heavens, and even the children of giants have we seen there!” 29 Then I said to you, “Do not be broken and do not fear them! 30 HASHEM, your God, Who goes before you- He shall make war for you, like everything He did for you in Egypt, before your eyes. 31 And in the Wilderness, as you have seen, that HASHEM, your God, bore you, as a man carries his son, on the entire way that you have traveled, until you arrived at this place. 32 Yet in this matter you do not believe in HASHEM, your God, 22 Who goes before you on the way to seek out a place for you to encamp, with fire by night to show you the road that you should travel and with a cloud by day!”


Exodus 14;6 He harnessed his chariot and attracted his people with him. 7 He took six hundred elite chariots and all the chariots of Egypt, with officers on them all. 8 HASHEM strengthened the heart of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and he pursued the Children of Israel- and the Children of Israel were going out with an upraised arm. 9 Egypt pursued them and overtook them, encamped by the sea- all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen and army- by Pi-hahiroth before Baal-zephon. 10 Pharaoh approached; the Children of Israel raised their eyes and behold!- Egypt was journeying after them, and they were frightened; the Children of Israel cried out to HASHEM.
13 Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand fast and see the salvation of HASHEM that He will perform for you today; for as you have seen Egypt today, you shall not see them ever again! 14 HASHEM shall make war for you, and you shall remain silent.”

I Peter 3;13 For who will hurt you if you become zealots for what is good? 14 But even if you do suffer for being righteous, you are blessed! Moreover, don’t fear what they fear or be disturbed, 15 but treat the Messiah as holy, as Lord in your hearts; while remaining always ready to give a reasoned answer to anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you- yet with humility and fear, 16 keeping your conscience clear, so that when you are spoken against, those who abuse the good behavior flowing from your union with the Messiah may be put to shame. 17 For if God has in fact willed that you should suffer, it is better that you suffer for doing what is good than for doing what is evil.


–The Lord asks us to trust Him, to hearken to Him, to act and let the wondrous plans He has in store unfold. He asks us to love the Land and the people He treasures with a longing. He asks that we not fear in the coming days and that we be strengthened knowing His fire and cloud WILL go before us and our Savior IS serving us, at the Right hand as we ‘speak’. From Egypt it was first faith on which the people acted. The ones who did not put the sign on the doorpost were not passed over for destruction. It was the faith in the command of the Lord that was then acted upon which led to their salvation and redemption. The blood of the Lamb on the gates of their dwellings, His blood over the threshold of their hearts in sincerity. It is the unswerving devotion of Kalev and Yohoshua to the promise of their King which allows them to grasp their destiny in the Land, the very sign that would show the whole world the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob keeps His word in perpetuity…the Jewish people on the soil of eretz Yisrael. The service of God there in His ‘house’.

Devarim 1;34 HASHEM heard the sound of your words, and He was incensed and He swore, saying, 35 “If even a man of these people, this evil generation, shall see the good Land that I swore to give to your forefathers. 36 Except for Caleb son of Jephunneh: He shall see it, and to him shall I give the Land on which he walked, and to his children, because he followed HASHEM wholeheartedly.” 37 With me, as well, HASHEM became angry because of you, saying: You, too, shall not come there. 38 Joshua son of Nun, who stands before you, he shall come there; strengthen him, for he shall cause Israel to inherit it. 39 And as for your small children, of whom you said, “They will be taken captive,” and your children who did not know good from evil this day- they will come there; to them shall I give it and they shall possess it. 40 And as for you, turn yourselves around and journey to the Wilderness, by way of the Sea of Reeds.

Song of Songs 3;1 As I lay in my bed in the night of my desert travail, I sought Him Whom my soul loves. I sought Him but I found Him not, for He maintained His aloofness. 2 I resolved to arise then, and roam through the city, in the streets and squares; that through Moses I would seek Him Whom my soul loved. I sought Him, but I found Him not. 3 They, Moses and Aaron, the watchmen patrolling the city, found me. “You have seen Him Whom my soul loves; what has He said?” 4 Scarcely had I departed from them, when, in the days of Joshua, I found Him Whom my soul loves. I grasped Him, determined that my deeds would never again cause me to lose hold of Him, until I brought His Presence to the Tabernacle of my mother and to the chamber of the one who conceived me. 5 I adjure you, O nations destined to ascend Jerusalem, for if you violate your oath, you will become as defenseless as gazelles or hinds of the field, if you dare provoke God to hate me or disturb His love for me while He still desires it.


–I do not want to wait until Yeshua returns to teach from his eternal word to learn about the things which speak of him today. When my King arrives I want him to see that I have painted my heart with His commands and that I treasure them. It is the burden of sin that I will cast aside and replace with the yoke of Yeshua which is light and wondrous. I will, wherever I travel, whatever I am surrounded by…sound the alarm, we need to repent and call upon His mercy now for he does hear and answer us. I will not allow the oath of my King to be diminished by any complaicence on my behalf despite the assumption and insult I will acquire from those who have ears to hear but refuse to listen. I will walk with Him bound around my neck, giving me the strength in my right hand and I will not swerve from his Torah of truth. I will not imagine that I can deduce through my own methods, His message. I will not conceive that without a firm foundation I can be spirit led to the answer He gives me. Especially if this answer is contrary to His GIVEN word. He told me it is life and length of days, and I want to serve Him in His house under His authority and none other forever. He will use you. He will use you. Wherever you go, whomever you are with, at every moment He will present the chance to go forth, to take the promise and proclaim His Name…that it may echo without return or imperfection forever in this life and in the life of the world to come.

Devarim 1; 41 Then you spoke up and said to me, “We have sinned to HASHEM! We shall go up and do battle according to everything that HASHEM, our God, has commanded us!” Every man of you girded his weapons of war, and you were ready to ascend the mountain! 42HASHEM said to me: Tell them, “Do not ascend and do not do battle, for I am not among you; so that you will not be struck down before your enemies.” 43 I spoke to you, but you did not listen. You rebelled against the word of HASHEM, and you were willful and climbed the mountain. 44 The Amorite who dwell on that mountain went out against you and pursued you as the bees would do; they struck you in Seir until Hormah. 45 Then you retreated and wept before HASHEM, but HASHEM did not listen to your voice and He did not hearken to you. 46 You dwelt in Kadesh for many days, as many days as you dwelt.

Revelation 19;11 Next I was heaven opened, and there before me was a white horse. Sitting on it was the one called Faithful and True, and it is in righteousness that he passes judgment and goes to battle. 12 His eyes were like a fiery flame, and on his head were many royal crowns. And he had a name written which no one knew but himself. 13 He was wearing a robe that had been soaked in blood, and the name by which he is called is, “THE WORD OF GOD.” 14 The armies of heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. 15 And out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down nations- “He will rule them with a staff of iron.” It is he who treads the winepress from which flows the wine of the furious rage of ADONAI, God of heaven’s armies. 16 And on his robe and on his thigh he has the name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.


Psalm 119;126 For it is a time to act HASHEM; for they have voided Your Torah. 127 Therefore I have loved Your commandments more than gold, even more than fine gold.
135 Cause Your countenance to shine upon Your servant, and teach me Your statues. 136 My eyes shed streams of water, because they did not keep Your Torah. 137 Righteous are You, HASHEM, and each of Your ordinances is fair. 138 You commanded the righteousness of Your testimonies, and great faithfulness. 139 My zeal has consumed me, for my oppressors have forgotten Your words. 140 Your word is very pure, and Your servant love it.
142 Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your Torah is truth.
150 The pursuers of sinful counsel draw near; they are far from Your Torah. 151 Yet You are nearby, O HASHEM, and all Your commandments are true. 152 From the start I gained knowledge from Your testimonies, because You established it forever. 153 See my affliction and release me, for I have not forgotten Your Torah.
163 I have hated falsehood and abhorred it; Your Torah I love. 164 Seven times a day I have praised You for Your righteous ordinances. 165 There is abundant peace tot he lovers of Your Torah, and there is no stumbling block for them.
174 I crave Your salvation, O HASHEM, and Your Torah is my preoccupation. 175 Let my soul live and it shall praise You, and Your ordinances will assist me.

–King David trusted in the Torah, but more than that…He longed for it. He uses words that are like the flaming desire and enduring cherishing admiration of a man for his spouse. Mind, body, soul, spirit he has a devoted love for the Torah of HASHEM and for its Wise Designer. In the mind of the great king he could do nothing without HASHEM but that all things were possible if the Lord was with him. When he fell away he entreated God and repented, when he was in ecstatic joy he worshiped and honored God, from the depths of despair he submitted and called out to God all the while declaring that His Torah was guide and WITNESS to the NAME OF GOD the righteousness he never failed to see in the Almighty. David is the picture of an imperfect person who HASHEM deeply loved and lifted high according to His will and promise. David conquered his giants because he trusted in HASHEM.

celeste 4

Devarim 2; 1 We turned and journeyed to the Wilderness toward the Sea of Reeds, as HASHEM spoke to me, and we circled Mount Seir for many days. 2 HASHEM said to me, saying: 3 Enough of your circling this mountain; turn yourselves northward. 4 You shall command the people, saying, “You are passing through the boundaries of your brothers the children of Esau, who dwell in Seir; they will fear you, but you should be very careful. 5 You shall not provoke them, for I shall not give you their land even they right to set foot, for as an inheritance to Esau have I given Mount Seir. 6 You shall purchase food from them for money that you may eat; also water shall you buy from them for money so that you may drink. 7 For HASHEM, your God, has blessed you in all your handiwork; He knew your way in this great Wilderness; this forty-year period HASHEM, your God, was with you; you did not lack a thing.”

Devarim 2;8 So we passed from our brothers, the children of Esau who dwell in Seir, from the way of Arabah, from Elath and from Exion-geber and we turned and passed on the way of the Moabite desert. 9 HASHEM said to me: You shall not distress Moab and you shall not provoke war with them, for I shall not give you an inheritance from their land, for to the children of Lot have I given Ar as an inheritance. 10 The Emim dwelled there previously, a great and populous people, and tall as the giants. 11 They, too, were considered Rephaim, like the giants; and the Moabites called them Emim. 12 And in Seir the Horites dwelled previously, and the children of Esau drove them away and destroyed them from before themselves and dwelled in their place, as Israel did to the Land of its inheritance, which HASHEM gave them. 13 Now, rise up and get yourselves across Zered Brook- so we crossed Zered Brook.

Psalm 71;12 O God, be not far from me; O my God, hasten to my assistance. 13 Let the adversaries of my soul be shamed and consumed; let those who seek my harm be enwrapped in disgrace and humiliation. 14 As for me, I shall always hope, and I will yet add to all Your praise. 15 My mouth shall recount Your righteousness, all day long Your salvation, though I know not [their] numbers. 16 I shall come with the mighty deeds of the Lord, HASHEM/ ELOHIM, I will mention Your righteousness, Yours alone. 17 O God, You have taught me from my youth, and until this moment I declare Your wonders. 18 And even until old age and hoariness, O God, forsake me not; until I proclaim Your strength to the generation, Your might to all those who will yet come. 19 And Your righteousness, O God, is unto the high heavens; You Who have done great things, O God, who is like You? 20 You, Who have shown me many grievious troubles; revive me again, and from the depths of the earth raise me again.

–This beautiful Psalm speaks to us, The Generation, the ones who yet come…the strength of HASHEM and His mighty deeds, His righteousness. How in praise through all things He will protect and save us. How despite troubles calling out to God will draw mercy from the compassionate One Who loves you! Let us not pick and choose the messages of our King or His servants. ALL scripture digestable in its time and ALL of it (with REAL context- the language, geography, history, social environment, etc.) is applicable in some way but The Word is not a menu. David looked to the Lord in constant prayer and praise, David searched the scriptures and taught his kingdom to do likewise. The point we come to once again is the Scripture these leaders and men of valor sought and relied upon and taught are from the eternal unexchangable words of the Torah.

Devarim 2; 14 The days that we traveled from Kadesh-barnea until we crossed Zered Brook were thirty eight years, until the end of the entire generation, the men of war, from the midst of the camp, as HASHEM swore to them. 15 Even the hand of HASHEM was on them to confound them from the midst of the camp, until their end. 16 So it was that the midst of the men of war finished dying from amidst the people…17 HASHEM spoke to me, saying: 18 This day you shall cross the border of Moab, at Ar, 19 and you shall approach opposite the children of Ammon; you shall not distress them and you shall not provoke them, for I shall not give any of the land of the children of Ammon to you as an inheritance, for to the children of Lot have I given it as an inheritance. 20 It, too, is considered the land of the Rephaim; the Rephaim dwelled in it previously, and the Ammonites called them Zamzumim. 21 A great and populous people, and tall as giants, and HASHEM destroyed them before them, and they drove them out and dwelled in their place, 22 just as He did for the children of Esau who dwell in Seir, who destroyed the Horite before them; they drove them out and dwelled in their place until this day. 23 As for the Avvim who dwell in open cities until Gaza, the Caphtorim who went out of Caphtor destroyed them, and dwelled in their place. 24 Rise up and cross Arnon Brook; see! into your hand have I delivered Sihon king of Heshbon, the Amorite and his land; begin to drive [him] out, and provoke war with him. 25 This day I shall begin to place dread and fear of you on the peoples under the entire heaven, when they hear of your reputation, they will tremble and be anxious before you.

celeste 3

I Samuel 17;32 David said to Saul, “Let no man loose heart because of him. Your servant will go forth and fight this Philistine!” 33 But Saul said to David, “You cannot go forth to this Philistine to fight with him, for you are a lad, while he is a warrior from his youth.” 34 David said to Saul, “Your servant was a shepherd for his father among the flocks; the lion or the bear would come and carry off a sheep from the flock, 35 and rescue [the sheep] from its mouth. If it would attack me I would grab onto its beard and strike it and kill it. 36 Your servant has slain even lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be like one of them, for he has disgraced the battalions of the living God!” 37 Then David said, “HASHEM Who rescued me from the hand of the lion and from the hand of the bear, He will rescue me from this Philistine!” 40 He took his staff in his hand and picked out five smooth stones fro the brook and put them in his shepherd’s bag and in the knapsack, and his slingshot was in his hand. Then he approached the Philistine. 44 Then the Philistine said to David, “Come to me, so that I may offer your flesh to the fowl of the heavens and to the beast of the field!” 45 But David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin- but I come to you with the Name of HASHEM, Master of Legions, the God of the battalions of Israel that you have ridiculed. 46 on this day HASHEM will deliver you into my hand. I shall smite you and I will remove your head from upon you; and I shall offer the carcass of the Philistine camp this day to the fowl of the heavens and the beast of the earth! Then the whole earth will know that there is a God in Israel, 47 and all this assembly will know that not through sword and spear does HASHEM grant salvation; for unto HASHEM is the battle, and He shall deliver you into our hands!”

Devarim 2;26 I sent messengers from the Wilderness of Kedemoth to Sihon king of Heshbon, words of peace, saying, 27″Let me pass through your land; only on the road shall I go; I will not stray right or left. 28 You will sell food to me for money, and I shall eat; and you will give me water for money, and I shall drink- only let me pass through on foot; 29 as the children of Esau who dwell in Seir did for me, and the Moabites who dwell in Ar- until I cross the Jordan to the Land that HASHEM, our God, gives us.” 30 But Sihon king of Heshbon was not willing to let us pass through it, for HASHEM, your God, hardened his spirit and made his heart stubborn, in order to give him into your hand, like this very day. 31 HASHEM said to me: See, I have begun to deliver before you Sihon and his land; begin to drive out, to possess his land. 23 Sihon went out before his- he and his entire people- for battle, to Jahaz. 33 HASHEM, our God, gave him before us, and we smote him and his sons and the entire people.34 We captured his cities at that time, and we destroyed every populated city, with the women and small children; we did not leave a survivor. 35 Only the animals did we loot for ourselves, and the booty of the cities that we captured: 36 From Aroer- there was no city that was too strong for us, HASHEM, our God, gave everything before us. 37 Only to the land of the children of Ammon did you not draw near, everywhere near the Jabbok Brook and the cites of the mountain, and everywhere that HASHEM, our God, commanded us.

–In the Devarim text we can clearly see the point HASHEM is trying to drive home through Moshe’s recounting of the journeys, battles and struggles in the wilderness. Over again He distinctly reminds the people that the lands in which the sinful, idolatrous nations entered…too had giants. There were giants,the cities were fortified yet He allowed for them to enter and conquer and dwell. They were able to do it, yet the People were afraid. The ones who prostrate themselves to wood and stone entered the place of the giants yet they were successful, and the people of HASHEM despaired and despairaged the Land and the promise just ahead of them well within their grasp. For HASHEM had desired to give them the Land and He went with them all along the way. What or whom are your giants? A dificult task at work, a relationship you want to mend or create boundaries for, a question of faith and devotion, an addiction? Whatever it may be you can not do it alone, but you ARE NOT ALONE. In all the wayward twists of my personal journey I attest with all of me that no matter how consumed in the degredation of sin you are or how dark it seems in the depth of wickedness…He holds out not only His hand to lift you from it, but His mighty spear to fight what clings to you from that filth. He will arm you to slash the grip of the world from your life and strengthen you to fight any giant you might face.

Devarim 3;1 We turned and ascended by way of the Bashan, and Og king of the Bashan went out toward us, he and his entire people, for war at Edrei. 2 HASHEM said to me: Do not fear him, for in your hand have I given him and his entire people and his land, and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon king of the Amorite, who dwells in Heshbon. 3 HASHEM, our God, gave into our hand also Og king of the Bashan and his entire people, and we smote him until no survivor was left of him. 4 We captured all his cities at that time; there was no city that we did not take from them- sixty cities, the entire region of Argob- the kingdom of Og in the Bashan. 5 All these were fortified cities, with a high wall, doors and bar, aside from open cities, very many. 6 We destroyed them, as we did to Sihon king of Heshbon, destroying every populated city, the women and small children. 7 And all the animals and the booty of the cities we looted for ourselves. 8 At that time we took the land from the hand of the two kings of the Amorite that were on the other side of the Jordan, from Arnon Brook to Mount Hermon- 9 Sidonians would refer to Hermon as Sirion, and the Amorites would call it Senir- 10 all the cities of the kingdom of Og in the Bashan. 11 For only Og king of the Bashan was left of the remaining Rephaim- behold! his bed was an iron bed, in Rabbah of the children of Ammon- nine cubits was its length and four cubits it width, the cubit of a man.

Devarim 3;12 And we possessed that land at that time; from Aroer, which is by Arnon Brook, and half of the mountain of Gilead and its cities did I give to the Reubenite and the Gadite. 13 The rest of the Gilead and the entire Bashan, the kingdom of Og, did I give to half the tribe of Manasseh, the entire region of the Argov of the entire Bashan, that is called the land of the Rephaim. 14 Jair son of Manasseh took the entire region of Argov until the border of the Geshurite and the Maacathite, and he named them, the Bashan, after himself, “Haavoth-jair,” until this day. 15 To Machir I gave the Gilead. 16 To the Ruebenite and the Gadite I gave from the Gilead until Arnon Brook, the midst of the brook and the border, until jabbok Brook, the border of the children of Ammon, 17 and the Arabah and the Jordan and its border, from Kinnereth to the Arabah Sea, the Salt Sea, below the waterfalls from the mountaintop, eastward.

Celeste 2

Devarim 3;18 I commanded you at that time, saying, “HASHEM, your God, gave you this Land for a possession, armed shall you cross over before your brethren, the Children of Israel, all the men of accomplishment. 19 Only your wives, small children and livestock- I know that you have abundant livestock- shall dwell in your cities that I have given you. 20 Until HASHEM shall give rest to your brethren like yourselves, and they, too, shall possess the Land that HASHEM, your God, give them on the other side of the Jordan; then you shall return, every man to his inheritance that I have given you.” 21 I commanded Joshua at that time, saying, “Your eyes have seem everything that HASHEM, your God, has done to these two kings; so will HASHEM do to all the kings where you cross over. 22 You shall not fear them, for HASHEM, your God- He shall wage war for you.”

–What an incredible thing it is when a person siezes the opportunities the Lord places before them. What brilliant light errupts into the world when the Lord is exalted here on earth through the power of speech and righteous deed! I truly believe in the promise of my King. When He says that He enhabits the praises of His people it makes me want to speak of all His wonders more and more. I praise Him for the perfect circumstances He creates and tempuratures of the heart He stirs to the perfect envorionment for growth and realization. We ‘spoke’ much of David in this place, we end with Psalm 101. Read it as if it were in first person, Yeshua as the speaker. May you be blessed in all your digging and may you be led by the Spirit in all investigation!

Psalm 101
A Psalm of David:
I am singing of grace and justice;
I am singing to You, ADONAI.
I will follow the path of integrity;
when will you come to me?
I will run my life with a sincere heart
inside my own house.
I will not allow before my eyes
any shameful thing.
I hate those who act crookedly;
what they do does not attract me.
Deviousness will depart from me;
I will not tolerate evil.
If someone slanders another in secret,
I will cut him off.
Haughty eyes and proud hearts
I cannot abide.
I look to the faithful of the land,
so that they can be my companions;
those who live lives of integrety
can be servants of mine.
No deceitful person can live in my house;
no liar can be my advisor.
Every morning I will destroy
all the wicked of the land,
cutting off all evildoers
from the city of ADONAI.


Baruch Attah ADONAI Eloheinu Melech ha’olam
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe
You alone have planted among us life eternal,
Blessed are You gracious giver of the Torah.

My praises I offer You my King, from this moment and forever, You are unbound by any of our expectations of realizations…
You create so much wonder from the mundane,
You restore beauty from that which we ignore…
My God and my King I hear no voice but Yours,
when I am discouraged I will seek what YOU adore.
Make it my delight, fill me up to serve You sincerely and completely.
I do not fathom what You are working but I feel from my core…
You are calling, building and recovering all that has been pushed aside…
no more.
Your testimony is trustworthy, I declare it till I die.
This love and promise is everlasting,
everything and more than I thought I would ever find.
May You be blessed in our every handiwork and thought,
may You be sanctified in our every word and expression.
May You guide our every step with Your righteous direction.
It is the precious name of Yeshua that I pray,
he who suffered and bore all the curses that I might find new life each day.


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