Parasha Ki Sisa thoughts/insights/connections
Lines In the Sand, Heights from Depths, a Holy Space in Darkened Place

*Psalm 147;1 Halleluyah! For it is good to make music for our God, for praise is pleasant and befitting. 2 The builder of Jerusalem is HASHEM; the outcast of Israel He will gather in. 3 He is the Healer of the broken hearted, and the One Who binds up their sorrows. 4 He counts the numbers of the stars, to all of them He assigns names. 5 Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is beyond calculation. 6 HASHEM encourages the humble; He lowers the wicked down to the ground. 7 Call out to HASHEM with thanks, with the harp sing to our God- 8 Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who prepared rain for the earth, Who makes mountains sprout with grass. 9 He gives to an animal its food, to the young ravens that cry out. 10 Not in strength of the horse does He desire, and not in the legs of man does He favor. 11 HASHEM favors those who fear Him, those who hope for His kindness. 12 Praise HASHEM, O Jerusalem, laud your God, O Zion, 13 for He has strengthened the bars of your gates, and blessed your children in your midst. 14It is He Who makes your borders peaceful, and with the cream of wheat He sates you; 15 He Who dispatches His utterances earthward; His word runs swiftly; 16 He Who gives snow like fleece, He scatters frost like ashes. 17 He hurls His ice like crumbs-who can stand before His cold? 18 He issues His command and it melts them; He blows His wind, the waters flow. 19 He relates His Words to Jacob, His statutes and His judgments to Israel. 20 He did not do so for any other nation; such judgments- they know them not. Halleluyah!

–This has to be one of the fullest Torah portions I can remember. The focal point seems to be the height of backsliding, wandering, falling away, betrayal and sin…the golden calf. There is however so very much more in connection with every bit of true gold in this portion we need to dig in to uncover! David speaks of music to HASHEM. When Moses descends Mountain he hears a sound that shakes him to his core, the noise of the people in their debauchery. Yet it is this fall from grace that magnifies and glorifies God’s mercy, we are given His thirteen attributes. Until now the reality of the weight of idolatry is not fully realized in the hearts of the people. Only by this learning process are they able to come to a place where they can be ready to cut the idolatry that had been so engrained in their lives…from themselves, and God shows how deep His love goes for Israel as He promises to set them apart from every other nation in the whole world and make them truly His own people.
–The last five Torah portions were never originally meant to be split, they are all connected (in the Hebrew each is ‘hooked’ with the letter vav to the next). We come from the giving of the Torah (and as God spoke the Ten Words from Sinai) in Parasha Yitro, to Mishpatim which dealt with all the precious ordinances of how to live life to the fullest and be good to one another, to Terumah in which the people begin to prepare the materials needed to make a dwelling place on earth in their presence for God, to Tetsaveh where we learn about the Mishkan (Tabernacle), its function and how each element has a lesson which points us to our Messiah Yeshua…to Ki Tisa where we get at the heart of the matter- Will God truly go with Israel. Often the bible as we read it front to back is not in chronological order.
–This portion begins with the census which could be taking place after the sin of the calf, for it is post calf that the plague is sent to the camp. We likewise see with other censuses in the Torah that they often occur after there has been a loss of people, God takes stock of whom of His children remain, faithful and ready to serve Him.

israel sunset

* Exodus 30;11 HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: 12 “When you take a census of the Children of Israel according to their numbers, every man shall give HASHEM an atonement for his soul when counting them, so that there will not be a plague among them when counting them. 13 This shall they give- everyone who passes through the census- a half shekel of the sacred shekel, the shekel is twenty geras, half a shekel as a portion to HASHEM. 14 Everyone who passes through the census from twenty years of age and up, shall give the portion of HASHEM. 15 The wealthy shall not increase and the destitute shall not decrease from half a shekel- to give the portion of HASHEM to atone for your souls. 16 You shall take the silver of atonements from the Children of Israel and give it for the work of the Tent of Meeting; and it shall be a remembrance before HASHEM for the Children of Israel, to atone for your souls.

*Daniel 5;24 Thus the palm of the hand was sent before Him, and it inscribed this writing. 25 This is the writing that was inscribed: “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN.’ 26 This is the interpretation of the matter: ‘MENE’ (counted)- God has counted [the years of] your kingship and terminated it. 27 ‘TEKEL’ (weighed)- you have been weighed in the scales and found wanting. 28 ‘PERES” (broken up)- your kingdom has been broken and given to Media and Persia.”

*Exodus 90;11 Who knows the power of Your anger? As You are feared, so is Your fury. 12 Teach us to count our days, then we shall acquire a heart of wisdom. 13 Return, HASHEM, until when? Relent concerning Your servants. 14 Satisfy us in the morning with Your kindness, then we shall sing our and rejoice throughout all of our days. 15 Gladden us according to the days You afflicted us, the years when we saw evil. 16 May Your works be visible to Your servants, and Your majesty upon their children. 17 May the pleasantness of the Lord, our God, be upon us; our handiwork, establish for us; our handiwork, establish it.

*Acts 17;26 From one man he made every nation living on the entire surface of the earth, and he fixed the limits of their territories and the periods when they would flourish. 27 God did this so that people would look for him and perhaps reach out and find him although in fact, he is not far from each one of us, 28’for in him we live and move and exist.’ Indeed, as some of the poets among you have said, ‘We are actually his children.’ 29 So, since we are children of God, we shouldn’t suppose that God’s essence resembles gold, silver or stone shaped by human technique and imagination. 30 “In the past, God overlooked such ignorance; but now he is commanding all people everywhere to turn from their sins. 31 For he has set a Day when he will judge the inhabited world, and do it justly, by means of a man whom he has designated. And he has given public proof of it by resurrecting this man from the dead. ”

*Matthew 10;26 So do not fear them; for there is nothing covered that will not be uncovered, or hidden that will not be known. 27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim on the housetops. 28 Do not fear those who kill the body but are powerless to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who can destroy both soul and body in Gei-Hinnom (‘hell’) . 29 Aren’t sparrows sold for next to nothing, two for an assarion? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s consent. 30 As for you, every hair on your head has been counted. 31 So do not be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows.


* Isaiah 43;1 And now, thus says HASHEM, your Creator, O Jacob; the One Who fashioned you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called [you] by name; you are Mine. 2 When you pass through water, I am with you; through rivers, they will not wash you away; when you walk through fire, you will not be singed, and no flame will burn you. 3 For I am HASHEM your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I gave Egypt as your ransom, and Cush and Seba in your place. 4 Because you were precious in My eyes you were honored and I loved you; I put people in your place and regimes in place of your soul. 5 Fear not, for I am with you; from the East I will bring your offspring and from the West I will gather you. 6 I will say to the North, ‘Give [them] over!’ and to the South, ‘Do not withhold! Bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the ends of the earth, 7 everyone who is called by My Name and whom I have created for My glory, whom I have fashioned, even perfected’; to liberate the people who are blind though they have eyes, and deaf though they have ears.

–God asks that all of the people, those of the age of military service and up, bring the sacred silver-shekel. Over the generations we see the powers of the world and forces of evil take away identity and humanity and true value by stamping a number value on a man, when counting or making account of something. During the Holocaust we saw numbered bar codes tattooed on each human being to meticulously count the atrocities. We are not a number to God. We are a unique person whom He Himself has fashioned and continues to mold and perfect for the span of our lifetimes. We are His and He values us beyond our comprehension. He asked that the shekel be brought that they might be counted. This silver was to be atonement for their souls, and went toward the Mishkan and its maintenance. God knows everything about us, hidden and revealed…what has happened and what will. He has determined who is in power and for how long. He determines times and seasons and set the planets in their orbit. He commands the tides and there is nothing beyond His control. The idea that God has called us by name is so very unique in a world that wants to diminish completely our voice and power to choose life and godliness, holiness. So to is the idea that in God’s eyes the value of a man lies not in the car he drives or the clothes he wears. Rich and poor alike will bring the same, no more no less. We are the same at rock bottom and will all glorify Him with one voice at the top!

*Psalm 49;2 Hear this all you peoples, give ear all you dwellers of decaying earth; 3 sons of Adam and sons of man alike; rich and poor together. 4 My mouth will speak wisdom, and the meditations of my heart are insightful. 5 I will incline my ear to the parable; with a harp I will solve my riddle. 6 Why should I be fearful in the days of evil, when the injunctions that I trod upon will surround me? 7 Those who rely on their possessions, and they are boastful of their great wealth- 8 yet a man cannot redeem a brother, he cannot give his ransom to God. 9 Too costly it their soul’s redemption and unattainable forever.

*I Corinthians 13;12 For now we see obscurely in a mirror, but then it will be face to face. Now I know partly; then I will know fully, just as God has fully known me.

copper laver

* Exodus 30;22 HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: 18″You shall make a Copper Laver and its base of copper, for washing; place it between the Tent of Meeting and the Altar, and put water there. 19 From it, Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands together with their feet. 20 Whenever they come to the Tent of Meeting, they shall wash with water and not die, or when they approach the Altar to serve, to raise up in smoke a fire-offering to HASHEM. 21 They shall wash their hands and feet and not die. It shall be for them an eternal decree, for him and his offspring for their generations. ‘

–The Copper Laver reflects the face of the Kohanim. He comes into the Mishkan courtyard and whatever he has brought in with him from the night before, the week before the years before…he will evaluate prior to his service to HASHEM. He leans over in prayer and see’s his image, he sees a man…flawed, yet ready to be cleaned and set apart for the greatest purpose one could serve. The idea of evaluation before service is not a small one. Some of our leaders jump into their role and prosper, blessing the flocks with the bread of life and living water. Others serve their own purposes, some have forgotten to wash their hands and feet…they were never faced with their true reflection and the chance of self evaluation was lost when they forwent the protocol of the King. In forsaking His order some will miss the mark. Why wash the hands and feet before becoming bloodied by the offerings? This cleansing is not for cleanliness sake. This is an act of setting one’s self apart for God before your service to Him each day. The idea of the Hand Washing in Judaism is a means by which one is immediately tuned into God. From the moment your feet slide off your bed in the morning and touch the floor, we should be God conscious. Each morning, I try and take a few minutes with my children to wash our hands and face and say: Blessed are You Lord our God King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments. We remember Aaron and his sons the Kohanim, holy people, who would wash their hands and feet before their service to You in the holy Mishkan. So too we are prepared and ready to serve you this day. Thank You for another day of life, how may we serve You today HASHEM? How may we serve You today? In Yeshua’s name we ask these things. amein! Halleluyah!

*Exodus 30;22 HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: 23 “Now you, take for yourself choice spices: five hundred shekel-weights of pure myrrh; fragrant cinnamon, half of which shall be two hundred fifty; two hundred fifty of fragrant cane; 24 five hundred of cassia- in the sacred shekel-weight, and a hin of olive oil. 25 Of it you shall make oil of sacred anointment, a blended compound, the handiwork of a perfumer; it shall remain oil of sacred anointment.

–The shekalim in the census were to be representative of each person. Here we see these various sacred spices being gathered and weighed in the sacred shekel- weight. These spices can represent different types of people. Each has its own properties (pleasant fragrance, preservation, healing, etc.) and when combined a new compound which compliments each distinct property emerges. Mixed with the oil of the olive tree which do not shed their leaves. Once grafted in we are a part of this tree (Israel) and God will not ‘shed’ any of His leaves, even those from the ‘wild branch’. Oil does not easily mix with other substances…these spices must be tempered together. We are often very different from one another, we each have our own unique properties and we do not always easily combine with each other to produce this sacred quality God intends. Contemplating life’s challenges we can think of this fragrant oil…each element is good for use by itself, but when all are united in God’s design…each as a whole become holy. Trials and tests will remain among the remnant, just as oil is not easily mixed with other things….think “What is the hardest thing for me to do right now? What would be the most ‘against my flesh’ avenue to choose in this place or with this person? What would be the most difficult thing for me to say at this point?” Try it. There just might be a sweet fragrance you never would have expected, nor could you have produced all alone.

*II Corinthians 2;14 But thanks be to God, who in the Messiah constantly leads us in a triumphal procession and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of what it means to know him! 15 For to God we are the aroma of the Messiah, both among those being saved and among those being lost; 16 to the latter we are the smell of death leading only to more death; but to the former, we are the sweet smell of life leading to more life. Who is equal to such a task?

*Exodus 30;26 With it you shall anoint the Tent of Meeting and the Ark of Testimonial- Tablets; 27 the Table and all its utensils, the Menorah and its utensils, and the Incense Altar; 28 the Burnt-offering Altar and all its utensils; and the Laver and its base. 29 You shall sanctify them and they shall remain holy of holies; whatever touches them shall become holy. You shall anoint Aaron and his sons and sanctify them to minister to Me.

–Going through Ki Tisa with my daughter she stopped at this point to say how great it would have been to be there in this time. She said she would like to just touch even a shovel handle for the coals and become holy. That is what the text says but we surely had to discuss holy. Holy means set apart. Holy is a life long never ending process. There are constantly things we do or come into contact with that make us less than holy. There certainly are places we have to go to function in the world that are far from what you might consider holy. We can not, nor should we hide out in the ‘sanctuary’ to remain holy. We are bidden to go out into the world and teach others what it takes to become set apart for God. We can create a holy space in a darkened place. Just think of some missions ministries…going into inner cities or third world countries where they seek to bring light and Godliness to a place corrupted by sin and wickedness. And there is success, by God’s will…it takes work and effort to attempt to remain set apart in life, day to day but not hide from the challenges God is presenting you with. The fragrant anointment oil was poured over Aaron and his sons, all of the vessels, utensils and Tent of Meeting. And anything that touched them became holy as well. We need neither charms, nor superstitions…just the faith and trust that God will set you apart if you are willing to do the constant maintenance.


*Mark 6;54 As soon as they got out of the boat, the people recognized him 55 and began running around throughout that whole region and bringing sick people on their stretchers to any place where they heard he was. 56 Wherever he went, in towns, cities or country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces. They begged him to let them touch even the tzitzit on his robe, and all who touched it were healed.

*Luke 8;42…As he went, with the crowds on every side virtually choking him, 43 a woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone, 44 came up behind him and touched the tzitzit on his robe; instantly her hemorrhaging stopped. 45 Yeshua asked, “Who touched me?” When they all denied doing it, Kefa said, “Rabbi! The crowds are hemming you in and jostling you!” 46 But Yeshua said, “Someone did touch me, because I felt the power go out of me.” 47 Seeing she could not escape notice, the woman, quaking with fear, threw herself down before him and confessed in front of everyone why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. 48 He said to her, “My daughter, your trust has saved you; go in peace.”

*Exodus 30;34 HASHEM said to Moses: “Take for yourself spices- stacte, onycha and galbanum- spices of pure frankincense: These shall all be of equal weight. 35 You shall make it into a spice-compound, the handiwork of a perfumer, thoroughly mixed, pure and holy. 36 You shall grind some of it finely and place some of it before the Testimonial-tablets in the Tent of Meeting, where I shall designate a time to meet you; it shall remain holy of holies to you.

–Similar to the spices for the Anointment oil, this mixture of pure spices for the incense indicate to us how very important it is for all servants of HASHEM to engage in regular prayer. Incense before the Father, some have a very sweet offering…others might have a more bitter note. These spices may represent prayers for different peoples, your loved ones and relatives (a sweet offering), prayer for an enemy, betrayer or ‘sinner’ (a more invasive plume)….but as the spices are all in equal measure and weight before the King, our prayers for those who are lost and those whom have hurt us and need help are just as necessary and important in our prayer offering service as for those who are dear to us.

*Revelation 8; 2 Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven shofars. 3 Another angel stood at the altar with a gold incense bowl, and he was given a large quantity of incense to add to the prayers of all God’s people 4 on the gold altar in front of the throne. The smoke of the incense went up with the prayers of God’s people from the hand of the angel before God.

incence altar

*Exodus 31;1 HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: 2 See, I have called by the name: Bezalel son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. 3I have filled him with a Godly spirit, with wisdom, insight, and knowledge, and with every craft; 4 to weave designs, to work with gold, silver and copper; 5 stone-cutting for setting, and wood-carving- to perform every craft. 6 And I, behold, I have assigned with him Oholiab son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, and I have endowed the heart of every wise-hearted person with wisdom, and they shall make all that I have commanded you…

-God has called you by name and just as he designates these men for this incredibly holy task…He has appointed and designated you for something specified…sanctified! If you had any idea the potential that He considers each and every one of us to have…we would never hesitate, fear or procrastinate in taking on a difficult task. When you can find the place where He is sending you, be His servant in the place where He has placed you, you will see you already have the skills, the tools, the materials, the words and the Spirit! Everything is possible with God!

*Mark 13;11 Now when they arrest you and bring you to trial, don’t worry beforehand about what to say. Rather, say whatever is given to you when the time comes; for it will not be just you speaking, but the Ruach HaKodesh. (Holy Spirit)

*Jeremiah 1;8 Do not fear them, for I am with you to rescue you- the word of HASHEM. 9 Then HASHEM extended His hand and touched my mouth, and HASHEM said to me, “Behold! I have placed My words in your mouth. 10 See I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to uproot and to smash, and to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.”

*Exodus 4;11 Then HASHEM said to him, “Who makes a mouth for a man, or who makes one dumb or deaf, or sighted or blind? Is it not I, HASHEM? 12 So now, go! I shall be with your mouth and teach you what you should say.”

–If there one thing I could achieve here, one treasure I could present, one realization I could properly express…it would be how wondrous, valuable and gracious a gift the Sabbath is to God. To Yeshua. To us. Thus far the God has expressed twice the value and meaning of the Sabbath to He and all covenant members. We know that it is a sign and declaration for our lives that we believe in God as our creator. We trust that His word is true when He says in six days He created the heavens and earth and on the seventh He rested (thus we can trust all that He says, and believe that it is unchanging and eternal.) We know that the Sabbath is meant to bind us to Him, to be a sign that we are covenant members and that He will use that time to make us holy! No not in us doing/ keeping the Sabbath does the Sabbath make us holy…God makes us holy through the Sabbath. It is holy, holy, holy to God. The position of the following verses about the Sabbath is so significant…up till now we have learned all about the construction, design and instructions for life and for this dwelling place by which God’s Presence may be with the people (via the Tabernacle). But despite the huge value not to mention vast undertaking of constructing the Mishkan a sacred SPACE…God makes it clear, even for this holy task…you are to stop, rest, and observe the Sabbath and make for Him a holy TIME. Yes the Sabbath is unique in that it gives glory to God in the dimension of time!! Designated by God, SACRED to God. Only after some clear lines are drawn by the Almighty…does he give the precious Tablets to Moshe.

Shabbos children

*Exodus 31;12 HASHEM said to Moses, saying: 13 “Now you speak to the Children of Israel, saying: ‘However, you must observe My Sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you for your generations, to know that I am HASHEM, Who makes you holy. 14 You shall observe the Sabbath, for it is holy to you; its desecrators shall be put to death, for whoever does work on it, that soul shall be cut off from among its people. 15 For six days work may be done and the seventh day is a day of complete rest, it is sacred to HASHEM; whoever does work on the Sabbath day shall be put to death. 16 The Children of Israel shall observe the Sabbath, to make the Sabbath an eternal covenant for their generations. 17 Between Me and the Children of Israel it is a sign forever that in a six-day period HASHEM made heaven and earth, and in the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.” 18 When he was finished speaking to him on Mount Sinai, He gave Moses the two Tablets of Testimony, stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God.

–Impatience. Idle hands, idle minds. Wandering thoughts and imaginings controlled by dark forces. Fear. Insecurity. Bad influences. All of these things led to and contributed to the failure and what turned into being an out of control betrayal in what is known as the worst chapter for the Children of Israel…the Sin of the golden calf. When we think about these things it’d do us well to consider we too have been warned that while we await our Leader, our Shepherd, our Intercessor…Who has ascended to God on our behalf, we are to stay on task, to stay sharp, to stay alert, to keep watching, to wait faithfully and not wander….for Yeshua is coming back down to us. And though, like Moshe on the Mountain, he may linger…He is coming with all the wonders of Heaven and the Glory of his rightful Kingship!

*Exodus 32;` The people saw that Moses had delayed in descending the mountain, and the people gathered around Aaron and said to him, “Rise up, make for us gods that will go before us, for this man Moses who brought us up from the land of Egypt- we do not know what became of him!” 2 Aaron said to them, “Remove the rings of gold that are in the ears of your wives, sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” The entire people removed the gold rings that were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron. 4 He took it from their hands and bound it up in a cloth, and fashioned it into a molten calf. They said, “This is your god, O Israel, which brought you up from the land of Egypt.”

–Imagine. “Where is Moses? He is late, is he hurt…perhaps he is dead. Moses is dead! ” As quickly as the gossip and evil, idle words in the camp spreads from tent to tent…the fire of the cutting words of the Children of Israel ignite HASHEM’s wrath. Yes it was their actions but I can’t help but think of the King repeating their terrible declaration….that thing, they just recently witnessed being formed…took them from Egypt!! …like a groom overhearing the words of seduction from his betrothed’s lips with the deepest sorrow in Heart.

*Exodus 32;7 HASHEM spoke to Moses: “Go, descend- for your people that you brought up from the land of Egypt has become corrupt. 8 They have strayed quickly from the way that I have commanded them. They have made themselves a molten calf, prostrated themselves to it and sacrificed to it, and they said, ‘This is your god, O Israel, which brought you up out of the land of Egypt.'” 9 HASHEM said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and behold! It is a stiff-necked people. 10 And now, desist from Me. Let My anger flare up against them and I shall annihilate them; and I shall make you a great nation. ”

–God has all this time been claiming the people as His own, to show how “I have brought you up from Egypt with a strong hand….” and “Israel is My firstborn son….” He has been betrayed and He sounds as if He wants nothing to do with them. He places the ‘ownership’ and ‘leadership’ roles now directly onto Moshe.
Then He states the desire to start from ‘scratch’.


* Exodus 32;11 Moses pleaded before HASHEM, his God, and said, “Why , HASHEM, should Your anger flare up against Your people, whom You have taken out of the land of Egypt, with great power and a strong hand? 12 Why should Egypt say the following: ‘With evil intent did He take them out, to kill them in the mountains and to annihilate them from the face of the earth’? Relent from Your flaring anger and reconsider regarding the evil against Your people. 13 Remember for the sake of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, Your servants, to whom You swore by Yourself, and You told them, ‘I shall increase your offspring like the stars of heaven, and this entire land of which I spoke, I shall give to your offspring and it shall be their heritage forever.'”

–At this point in our Sabbath study my daughter asked me, “Did God know that Moses would plead for the people? Is that why He chose him?” My heart tells me that is exactly why God chose Moses. We know God has a grand design, and only through this depth and great low can the people come to be even closer and more set apart for God. It is at this point we realize God designed from even before birth Moshe would be delivered from the fate of death and come to this position of intercessor on behalf of His nation, to become the man who would humbly reject this power play. This is the time for Moshe to take his honor and glory and make a name for himself. To insert his name into the covenant- replacing Israel. But from the beginning even as he doubted his own ability to care for this people from Egypt to now, he has loved them more than we can understand. His love for the people who have grumbled against and threatened him resembles that of God himself…it isn’t comprehensible….he puts his life second to the people, and lays it on the line for them…just like the ‘prophet like unto Moses’ Yeshua the Messiah did. Moses successfully uses two tools to ‘make a case’ before the Lord. 1) God’s Honor: ‘How will Your glory and greatness, your mercifulness be seen throughout the world if you do this thing? For Your Name’s sake, do not annihilate them.’ 2) The Covenant: ‘You swore by the Highest Height…Your Self to men who were Your faithful servants! Is this not why You have brought the people from Egypt to begin with , to bring them to the land Promised.’

*Exodus 32;14 The Lord [then] reconsidered the evil He had said He would do to his people. 15 Now Moses turned and went down from the mountain [bearing] the two tablets of the Testimony in his hand, tablets inscribed from both their sides; on the one side and on the other side they were inscribed. 16 Now the tablets were God’s work, and the inscription was God’s inscription, engraved on the tablets. 17 When Joshua heard the voice of the people in their shouting, he said to Moses: “There is a voice of battle in the camp!” 18 But [Moses] said: “[It is] neither a voice shouting victory, nor a voice shouting defeat; a voice of blasphemy I hear.” 19 Now it came to pass when he drew closer to the camp and saw the calf and the dances, that Moses’ anger was kindled, and he flung the tablets from his hands, shattering them at the foot of the mountain.

–God does not change, many times as we read later in this portion He makes it clear: (Exodus 33;19…I will favor when I wish to favor, and I will have compassion when I wish to have compassion.”) Yet if the case was that- God does whatever He wants to. Then, for example, there would be no reason for Yeshua to have come and died, God could have just forgiven. God created a framework of laws and He operates within this framework. Moses comes before the Judge and presents the ‘case’…at this point, God ‘takes the case’ into His court. Just and true He does not sentence and execute punishment without allowing the defender to make a case, and He reconsiders the full extent of immediate action.

*Isaiah 58;1 Behold, the hand of the Lord is not too short to save, neither is His ear too heavy to hear. 2 But your iniquities were separating between you and between your God, and your sins have caused [Him] to hide [His] face from you that He not hear. 3 For your hands were defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken falsehood, your tongue mutters injustice. 4 No one calls sincerely, and no one is judged faithfully’ trusting in vanity and speaking lies, conceiving injustice and begetting wickedness. 5 They hatched viper’s eggs, and they weave spiders webs; whoever eats of their eggs shall die, and what hatches, emerges a viper. 6 Their webs shall not become a garment, neither shall they cover themselves with their deeds; their deeds are works of wickedness, and there is a deed of violence in their hands. 7 Their feet run to evil, and they hasten to she innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of wickedness; robbery and ruin are in their paths.

–In the camp: fear has quickly turned into a frenzy. The destroyer has been hard at work here from the moment Moshe left. He has caused them first to forget their good counsel…ceasing to turn to Aaron and the Book of the Covenant for guidance and reassurance; they are deceived and beguiled. The terrible things that are happening in the camp have come to such a peak that even the sound alarms a strong soldier, Joshua. Moshe however knows immediately the sound is far worse than that of war…it is of vile and blatant betrayal. The sages say there were two choices: the people are to be smashed, or the tablets…Moshe found favor in God’s eyes by choosing to smash the tablets.

*Numbers 5;16 The kohen shall bring her forth and present her before the Lord. 17 The Kohen shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and some earth from the Mishkan floor, the kohen shall take and put it into the water. 18 Then the Kohen shall stand the woman up before the Lord and expose the [hair on the] head of the woman; he shall place into her hands the remembrance meal offering, which is a meal offering of jealousies, while the bitter curse bearing waters are in the kohen’s hand. 19 The kohen shall then place her under oath, and say to the woman, “If no man has lain with you and you have not gone astray to become defiled [to another] in place of your husband, then [you will] be absolved through these bitter waters which cause the curse. 20 But as for you, if you have gone astray [to another] instead of your husband and have become defiled, and another man besides your husband has lain with you…” 21 The kohen shall now adjure the woman with the oath of the curse, and the kohen shall say to the woman, “May the Lord make you for a curse and an oath among your people, when the Lord causes your thigh to rupture and your belly to swell. 22For these curse bearing waters shall enter your innards, causing the belly to swell and the thigh to rupture,” and the woman shall say, “Amen, amen.” 23 Then the kohen shall write these curses on a scroll and erase it in the bitter water. 24He shall then give the bitter, curse bearing waters to the woman to drink, and the curse bearing waters shall enter her and become bitter.
27He shall make her drink the water, and it shall be that, if she had been defiled and was unfaithful to her husband, the curse bearing waters shall enter her and become bitter, and her belly will swell, and her thigh will rupture. The woman will be a curse among her people. 28 But if the woman had not become defiled and she is clean, she shall be exempted and bear seed.

*Exodus 32;20 Then he took the calf they had made, burned it in fire, ground it to fine powder, scattered [it] upon the surface of the water, and gave [it to] the children of Israel to drink. 21 Moses said to Aaron: “What did this people do to you that you brought [such] a grave sin upon them?” 22 Aaron replied: “Let not my lord’s anger grow hot! You know the people, that they are disposed toward evil. 23 They said to me, ‘Make us gods who will go before us, because this man Moses, who brought us up from the land of Egypt we do not know what has become of him.’ I said to them, “Who has gold?’ So they took it [the gold] off and gave it to me; I threw it into the fire and out came this calf.” 25 And Moses saw the people, that they were exposed, for Aaron had exposed them to be disgraced before their adversaries.


–God and the people are ‘engaged’, He ‘proposed’ to them at Mount Sinai and they accepted. His best man Moshe has ascended to Him to retrieve the ‘rings’ the Tablets, the sign of the ‘Marriage’. In this day even the promise of marriage binds the parties as if they were married, therefore if one party ‘cheats’ even before the ‘wedding ceremony’ and consummation it is considered to be adultery. The sin of adultery and commandment prohibiting it is tied to the sin of idolatry…idolatry is spiritual adultery. The people have sinned against their groom, and like the adulterous woman in the Numbers text, they are given the bitter waters (which Moses made them all drink of). This is meant to identify for Moses those who had ‘cheated’ and were considered guilty before the Lord. Those who were guilty would die, if not instantly…it would come to pass, and this is the curse of the bitter waters for the adulterers.
–Aaron is confronted and we see that he is considered responsible. He was after all left in charge, he had the Book and it was his job to be strong on behalf of the people. If there was distention he should have charged the judges with the duty to ‘nip it in the bud’ before it spiraled out of control. Perhaps he should have sent for help, couldn’t he have sounded the shofar at the foot of the mountain sounding the distress call? It is said the Hur (son of Miriam) was killed as the people pushing for this calf turned to a mob. Aaron feared for his life. Aaron was expecting Moses and he was stalling for time hoping he would return at any moment. There are many thoughts and explanations in the subject but we can clearly see from the simple reading Aaron did not act as a true leader. Moses considered the people to have been left, exposed, unprotected…unshorn. The adulteress’ head covering (married women wear head coverings to show they are under the authority of their husband, and obedient to their King)…stripped from them. Naked, and vulnerable before the enemies that surrounded them.


*Genesis 3;1 Now the serpent was cunning, more than all the beasts of the field that the Lord God had made, and it said to the woman, “Did God indeed say, ‘You shall not eat of any of the trees of the garden?” 2 And the woman said to the serpent, “Of the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat. But of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, God said, “You shall not eat of it, and you shall not touch it, lest you die.”…4 And the serpent said to the woman, “You will surely not die…..”
6 And the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was a delight to the eyes, and the tree was desirable to make one wise; so she took of its fruit, and she ate, and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate. 7 And the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves and made themselves girdles. 8 And they heard the voice of the Lord God going in the garden to the direction of the sun, and the man and his wife hid from before the Lord God in the midst of the trees of the garden. 9 And the Lord God called to the man, and He said to him, “Where are you?” 10 And he said, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I am naked; so I hid.” 11 And He said, “Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” 12 And the man said, “The woman whom You gave [to be] with me she gave me of the tree; so I ate.”

–Adam and Chavah like the Children of Israel are beguiled by the deceiver, he draws them to wander from the structure and protection of God’s heart, the Torah…and they become exposed and naked. The one who is meant to be in the position of leader does the opposite of what a TRUE leader should do. Instead of taking responsibility for those whose care they were charged with, instead of owning up honestly to their own mistakes, instead of repenting immediately for their shortcomings…both Adam and Aaron place the blame immediately on another party and offer excuses for their actions. The wolves are ready to trap and prey on the flock, it is the job of good shepherds and leaders to guide the children into the pen of protection. The cover and shelter of God’s Torah, God’s eternal word, the truth…in the footsteps of our High Priest and coming King Yeshua.
–So what exactly is Aaron’s punishment? What is the consequence. Here we see its not only what Aaron did, his involvement with the making of the calf…but what he did not do to stop it. As we continue in the Torah we read the account his two sons Nadab and Abihu and how they consumed by fire when they bring strange ‘fire’ and alien incense to the Mishkan service. Can we assume Aaron too drank of the bitter waters? How is it that God keeps Aaron at the assigned station of kohen gadol (high priest)? Why is it that despite what has happened he is considered most worthy by God to serve in this position of the utmost responsibility?
Who better to be the high priest, making decisions in cases of sin and guilt, taking offerings and making atonement? For Aaron to have fallen to such a depth only to be restored and built up indicates that no one would have more compassion, empathy…no one could better sympathize with the people. His lowliness at this point makes Aaron the best qualified for the job…and this tells us so much about our King. He appoints the humbled so that they might reach out to the broken of spirit. No matter how far you think you may have sunk…God can lift you to heights you never would have even imagined you could even gaze at from a distance, and He will place the willing soul there, for His service.

*I Kings 18;21 And Elijah drew near to all the people and said, “Until when will you dance between two opinions? If the Lord is God, go after Him, and if the baal, go after him.” And the people did not answer him a word. 23..Let them give us two bulls and let them choose one bull for themselves and cut it up and place it on the wood, but fire they shall not put…24 And you will call in the name of your deity, and I will call in the name of the Lord, and it will be the God that will answer with fire, he is God.” 26… And they [the prophets of baal] called in the name of baal from morning until noon, saying, “O baal, answer us!” But there was no voice and no answer ….27 And it was at noon that Elijah scoffed at them, and he said, “Call with a loud voice, for he is a god. [Perhaps] he is talking or he is pursing [enemies] or he is on a journey; perhaps he is sleeping and will awaken.” 29 And as the afternoon passed and they feigned to prophesy until the time of the sacrifice of the [evening] offering, and there was no voice and no answer and no listener. 30 Elijah took twelve stones, corresponding to the twelve sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord came, saying, “Israel shall be your name.”…33…And he said, “Fill me four pitchers of water and pour them on the burnt-offerings on the wood.” …35And the water went all around the altar, and also the trench he filled with water. 36…”Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant, and at Your word have I done all these things. 37 Answer me, O Lord, answer me, and this people shall know that You are the Lord God…38 And the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offerings [of Elijah] and the wood, and the stones and the earth, and the water which was in the trench it licked up. 39 And all the people saw and fell on their faces, and they said. “The Lord id God, the Lord is God.”


*Deuteronomy 30; 19 This day, I call upon the heaven and earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live; 20 to love the Lord your God, to listen to His voice, and to cleave to Him. For that is your life and the length of your days…

*John 18;37 “So then,” Pilate said to him, “You are a king after all.” Yeshua answered, “You say I am a king. The reason I have been born, the reason I have come into the world , is to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to me.”

*Isaiah 59;17 And He donned righteousness like a coat of mail, and a helmet of salvation is upon His head, and He donned garments of vengeance as His attire, and He was clad with zeal as a cloak.

*Acts 5;38 So in the present case, my advice to you is not to interfere with these people, but to leave them alone. For if this idea or this movement has a human origin, it will collapse. 39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them; you might even find yourselves fighting God!”

*Proverbs 25;4 Remove dross from silver, and a vessel emerges for the refiner. 5 Remove the wicked man before the king, and his throne will be established with righteousness.

*Exodus 32;26 So Moses stood at the gate of the camp and said: “Whoever is for the Lord, [let him come] to me!” And all the sons of Levi gathered around him. 27 He said to them: ” So said the Lord, the God of Israel: ‘Let every man place his sword upon his thigh and pass back and forth from one gate to the other in the camp, and let every man kill his brother, every man his friend, every man his kinsman.'” 28 The sons of Levi did according to Moses’ word; on that day some three thousand men fell from among the people. 29 And Moses said: “Initiate yourselves today for the Lord for each man with his son and with his brother so that He may bestow a blessing upon you this day.”


–Moses draws the line in the sand. The Levites choose life and all those who have been found guilty by God are punished. The camp is cleansed and this difficult task done with zeal is rewarded and consoled with a great blessing. The Levites are forever set apart for God, ready to serve Him they are appointed as priests. It is extremely difficult to cut someone you love dearly from your life completely. This should never be done without a clear indication from the Lord’s word, with good Godly counsel and immense amounts of prayer. This experience can tear you apart, but if it is for the Honor of the King, if it is for the safety of your family (other loved ones), if it means that you are able to clearly stand on the side of the line marked LIFE…God will tend to all the pieces left of you lovingly and make you into something even more secure than at the start, He will lift your head and your heart. Then you will be able to pray for that person with purity and fervor, without binding yourself to their wayward path. It may come to this point and someday our King with the sword of truth shall draw this line once more…Yeshua describes this day in Mark, I submit that we pray this Day not come in winter as Yeshua has instructed us.

* Mark 13;12 Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will turn against their parents and have them put to death; 13 and everyone will hate you because of me. But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered.
18 Pray that it not happen in winter. 19 For there will be worse trouble at that time than there ever has been from the very beginning, when God created the universe, until now; and there will be nothing like it again. 20 Indeed , if God had not limited the duration of the trouble, no one would survive; but for the sake of the elect, those whom he has chosen, he has limited it.
26 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with tremendous power and glory. He will send out his angels and gather together his chosen people from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of heaven.
37 And what I say to you, I say to everyone: stay alert!”

–Last time Moshe was with God, he pleaded with him for the lives of the people and for the Covenant. This time he is ‘bargaining’ for forgiveness. But first there is the admission of guilt, the declaration and description of the crime and the plea. Once again falling on the mercy of the court he uses his own name, his life as an offering in a way…this is how important he knows it is to have God’s forgiveness. God agreed to forgive and says He will settle accounts for those who sinned against Him but it is clear He is none too happy yet. Again putting the claim of the people onto Moses (your people, whom you brought up…) and even worse He announces that His Presence will not go forth to Eretz Yisrael (The Land of Israel) with them. His angel will go in his stead.

*Exodus 33;31 And Moses returned to the Lord and said: “Please! This people has committed a grave sin. They have made themselves a god of gold. 32 And now, if You would forgive their sin. But if not, erase me now from Your book, which You have written.”33 And the Lord said to Moses: “Whoever has sinned against Me, him I will erase from My book!” 35 Then the Lord struck the people with a plague, because of the calf that Aaron had made.
Exodus 34; 1 The Lord spoke to Moses: “Go, ascend from here, you and the people you have brought up from the land of Egypt, to the land that I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, saying: ‘I will give it to your descendants.’ 2 I will send and angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanites and Amorites, the Hittites the Perizzites, the Hivvites , and the Jebusites 3 to a land flowing with milk and honey; because I will not go up in your midst since you are a stiff-necked people, lest I destroy you on the way.” 4 [When] the people heard this bad news, they mourned, and no one put on his finery.

moses intercedes

–Throughout the text God makes it clear, Moses and He are still on good terms. Moses has been faithful to Him and God loves him all the more for being so faithful, yet strong…with the people. God chose Moshe who ‘out stubborned’ the hard hearted Pharaoh in Egypt, who now will continue to request and entreat the Lord on behalf of the people. Moses still needs a place to meet with God, a separate place, a holy place…he pitches a tent and the text is very clear how separate it is.

*Exodus 33; 7 And Moses took the tent and pitched it for himself outside the camp, distancing [it] from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting, and it would be that anyone seeking the Lord would go out to the tent of meeting, which was outside the camp. 8 And it would be that when Moses would go out to the tent, all the people would rise and stand, each one at the entrance of his tent, and they would gaze after Moses until he went into the tent. 9 And it would be that when Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the entrance of the tent, and He would speak to Moses. 10 When all the people would see the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would rise and prostrate themselves, each one at the entrance of his tent. 11 Then the Lord would speak to Moses, face to face, as a man would speak to his friend, and he would return to the camp, but not his attendant. Joshua, the son of Nun, a lad, would not depart from the tent.

Moses Tent

—Do these people sound humbled? Do these people sound as if they are trying to render honor to God and Moses? Does it seem as though they get the message? We know there are still many trials ahead, even to this day…for the Children of Israel. Without the sin of the golden calf would there have been this change? Could there have been the weighty realization of what it means to be without God’s Presence in the camp?
Without the fall, there is no redemption. Without struggle there would be nothing to learn from.

*I Corinthians 10;1 For brothers, I don’t want you to miss the significance of what happened to our fathers.
6 Now these things took place a prefigurative historical events, warning us not to set our hearts on evil things as they did.

*John 5;46 For if you really believed Moshe, you would believe me; because it was about me that he wrote. 47 But if you don’t believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?”

*Exodus 33;12 Moses said to the Lord: “Look, You say to me: ‘Bring this people up!’ But You have not informed me whom You will send with me. And You said: ‘I have known you by name and you have also found favor in My eyes.’ 13 And now, if I have indeed found favor in Your eyes, pray let me know Your ways, so that I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your eyes; and consider that this nation is Your people. 14 So He said, “My Presence will go, and I will give you rest.” 15 And he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go [with us], do not take us up from here. 16 For how then will it be known that I have found favor in your eyes, I and Your people? Is it not that You will go with us? Then I and Your people will be distinguished from every [other] nation on the face of the earth.” 17 And the Lord said to Moses: “Even this thing that you have spoken, I will do, for you have found favor in MY eyes, and I have known you by name.”

–First: ‘please don’t kill the people’, Next: ‘please, forgive the people’, Thirdly: ‘call these people Your People once more’ and ‘let Your Presence lead us and be with us’ Lastly on behalf of he and the people: ‘make us distinct by Your Presence remaining with us, separate us for Yourself apart from all others’…
Moshe could have asked for many things on many occasions could he have ‘cashed in’ his favor with God. Perhaps it would have come in handy after he struck the rock a second time and was unable to enter the Land. He uses it now, for Israel…for the Nation, and God takes them again and calls them His People. He will go with them forever.

*Psalm 25;4 O Lord, let me know Your ways; teach me Your paths. 5 Direct me with Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; I hope for You all day long. 6 Remember Your mercies, O Lord, and Your kindnesses, for they have been since time immemorial. 7 The sins of my youth and my transgressions, do not remember; what is worthy of Your kindness, You remember be for the sake of Your goodness, O Lord. 8 The Lord is good and upright; therefore, He leads sinners on the road. 9 He leads the humble with just rules and He teaches the humble His way. 10 All the Lord’s ways are kindness and truth for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.

*Exodus 33;18 And he said: “Show me, now, Your glory!” 19 He said: “I will let all My goodness pass before you; I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you, and I will favor when I wish to favor, and I will have compassion when I wish to have compassion. 20 And He said, “You will not be able to see My face, for man shall not see me and live.” 21 And the Lord said: Behold, there is a place with Me , and you shall stand on the rock. 22 And it shall be that when MY glory passes by, I will place you into the cleft of the rock and I will cover you with My hand until I have passed by. 23 Then I will remove My hand, and you will see My back but My face shall not be seen.”
*Exodus 34;1 And the Lord said to Moses: “Hew for yourself two stone tablets like the first ones. And I will inscribe upon the tablets the words that were on the first tablets, which you broke.

moses pleads

–This is one of my favorite parts, our Abba in heaven is amazing! I can’t imagine this relationship between God and Moshe! Here the King not only clearly wants to fill Moshe’s request of Him, but He is arranging it …going out of the way to make this happen for Moshe to the fullest extent that is possible, aside from the prohibition of access to the ‘face’ of God. I have this picture of best friends formulating a secret code only they will know, some signal or handshake between brothers.

*Exodus 34;4 So he [Moses] hewed two stone tablets like the first ones, and Moses arose early in the morning and ascended Mount Sinai as the Lord had commanded him, and he took two stone tablets in his hand. 5 And the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and He called out in the name of the Lord. 6 And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed: HASHEM, HASHEM, benevolent God, Who is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness and truth, 7 preserving loving kindness for thousands, forgiving iniquity and rebellion and sin; yet he does not completely clear [of sin] and he visits the iniquity of parents on children’s children, to the third and fourth generations. ”

–This is the God we serve! These are the attributes of our King! Imagine that He has bestowed upon each of us, inside us…a small part of these attributes…we carry in us a small piece of God’s light. This is our soul.
The iniquity of parents to children for generation speaks only of the generations ‘who’ neither learn from their parent mistakes nor come before the Lord for in repentance for their fathers (and their own) sins. It is so important for us to repent- Teshuva- return to God and to teach our children to do so! Without it we are doomed to inherit the curses of the past and pass them on to the next generation.

*Exodus 34;8 And Moses hastened, bowed his head to the ground and prostrated himself, 9 and said: ” If I have found favor in Your eyes, O Lord, let the Lord go now in our midst [even] if they are a stiff necked people. and You shall forgive our iniquity and our sin and thus secure us as Your possession.” 10 And He said: “Behold! I will form a covenant; in the presence of all your people, I will make distinctions such as have not been created upon all the earth among all the nations, and all the people in whose midst you are shall see the work of the Lord, how awe inspiring it is that which I will perform with you.

–From the lowest point the people could sink, God has lifted them even higher than before. There will be setbacks in life and failures. Repentance and patience…wait on your Master, He will return and restore all things. While we wait keeping our eyes fixed on the word which gives life and sustains life…we realize that from all things God will create avenues for new revelation and growth.

*I Peter 1; 3 Praised be God, Father of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, who, in keeping with his great mercy, has caused us, through the resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah from the dead, to be born again to a living hope, 4 to an inheritance that cannot decay, spoil or fade, kept safe for you in heaven. 5 Meanwhile, through trusting, you are being protected by God’s power for a deliverance ready to be revealed at the Last Time. 6 Rejoice in this, even though for a little while you may have to experience grief in various trials. 7 Even gold is tested for genuineness by fire. The purpose of these trials is so that your genuineness, which is far more valuable than perishable gold, will be judged worthy of praise, glory and honor at the revealing of Yeshua the Messiah.

firey heart

–This rich Torah portion concludes with God reiterating the importance of certain commands and prohibitions about what is expected when the people come to the Land.

*Exodus 34;12 Beware lest you form a covenant with the inhabitants of the land into which you are coming, lest it become a snare in your midst. 13 But you shall demolish their altars, shatter their monuments and cut down their sacred trees. 14 For you shall not prostrate yourself before another god, because the Lord, Whose Name is “Jealous One”, is a jealous God.
17 You shall not make molten gods for yourself. 18 The Festival of Unleavened Cakes shall you keep; seven days you shall eat unleavened cakes which I have commanded you, at the appointed meeting time in the month of spring, for in the month of spring you went out of Egypt.
21 Six days you may work, and on the seventh day you shall rest; in plowing and in harvest you shall rest.
22And you shall make for yourselves a Festival of Weeks, the first of the wheat harvest, and the festival of the ingathering, at the turn of the year. 23 Three times during the year shall all your males appear directly before the Master, the Lord, the God of Israel.
27 The Lord said to Moses: “Inscribe these words for yourself, for according to these words have I formed a covenant with you and with Israel.” 28 He was there with the Lord for forty days and forty nights; he ate no bread and drank no water, and He inscribed upon the tablets the words of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments.

–The last part of Ki Tisa we read of Moshe’s radiant face and the veil. The link below is to some thoughts on this and other ‘veils’:

–As we end this Torah portion at this time of year it is Divine timing if we see what approaches. The season of Pesach (Passover) and the feast of Unleavened bread. The time during which the Master gave his life for us and became the ultimate intercessor at the right hand after his resurrection.
It is in these days prior to Pesach we prepare our homes, combing for all traces of leaven. This ‘ritual’ is meant to awaken the hidden places inside our hearts and minds…searching them out with the Light of Gods Spirit to guide us to the ‘leaven’ we need to rid ourselves of before we come to the Master’s table. A Covenantal meal which not only marks the redemption from Egypt and establishing of an eternal covenant, but remembering the Last Meal of Yeshua and the sealing of a covenant layered upon all the others…the New Covenant which was ratified with his precious blood.
How fitting for us to be encouraged by God’s vast mercy and forgiveness even from the darkest places His people might stray into….He makes light, bringing out the light He put inside us to be shared wherever we go. Let us strive to make every aspect of our service to HASHEM holy, as we do so with repentance and supplication in Yeshua’s name.

–Blessed are You Lord our God Creator and King of the universe, You have blessed us with Your Torah of Truth, You have blessed us with the entire counsel of Your Living Word, You alone have planted among us Life Eternal. Blessed are You Lord our God, gracious giver of the Torah.

Yeshua with scroll in Tallit

–ADONAI, I pray with all my heart that You will be magnified and glorified in my life and through the household you have blessed me to be a part of. These eternal words of Your treasured Torah hit me at parts of my spirit I never knew were there. They remind me of the depths to which I have sunk and illuminate for me the times in life where Yeshua in his glorious Love, reached for my hand and set me upon a Rock. I can not comprehend the expanses of Your mercies, Your design is unimaginable to human beings…only You can fashion faithfulness from adultery, only You can mold meaning from desperation, only You can strain from the filth…a dull scrap and make it brilliant and whole. I thank you with all of me for the blessed time you have bestowed me with. I will strive to create for you a Holy Time and a Holy Place….for I long for Your Presence. May all You children be eternally protected and encouraged by Your Abundant Loving Kindness and Mercy! Blessed are You My King! Hineni! Here I am! Because of You. I am in Your hands, please use me. In Yeshua’s name I ask these things as I praise You, amein.

*I Timothy 6;11 But you as a man of God, flee from these things; and pursue righteousness, godliness, faithfulness, love, steadfastness, gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of the faith, take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you testified so well to your faith before many witnesses. 13 I charge you before God, who gives life to all things, and before the Messiah Yeshua, who in his witness to Pontius Pilate gave the same good testimony, 14 to obey your commission spotlessly and irreproachably until our Lord Yeshua the Messiah appears. 15 His appearing will be brought about in its own time by the blessed and sole Sovereign, who is King of kings and Lord of lords, 16 who alone is immortal, who dwells in unapproachable light that no human being has ever seen or can see- to him be honor and eternal power.Amen.

-The Complete Jewish Bible-David H. Stern
-The Stone Edition Tanach- artscroll
-excellent resource: Online Tanach, easily searchable.

-For amazing commentary I find crucial please visit:


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